Knowledge Base: HD Audio Recorder

  • Why does the Sound Tracker only display 5.1 and 7.1 audio streams?

    Nahimic Support · 0 · Posted

    The aim of the Sound Tracker is to let your “see” your threats all around you in your game (= up to 360°). Based on this assessment, it would be meaningless to display an arrow on the Tracker for mono or stereo streams as the arrow would only indicate what is in front of you only (for mono audio streams) or what is at your left and right only (for stereo audio streams).

  • Why is the arrow not displayed in the Sound Tracker?

    Nahimic Support · 0 · Posted

    The Sound Tracker only displays its arrow for 5.1 and 7.1 audio streams. If the arrow is not displayed in the Tracker, this would mean that your current audio stream is lower than 5.1 (mono or stereo for instance).

  • Why is my Sound Tracker page always disabled?

    Nahimic Support · 0 · Posted

    There are 2 main reasons why your Sound Tracker page may be disabled:

    - You set the Sound Tracker to OFF
    - Your audio device is not compatible. Sound Tracker can only work on compatible audio devices

    To know more about the compatible audio devices, please refer to this page.

  • Which software does the HD Audio Recorder support?

    Nahimic Support · 0 · Posted

    The HD Audio Recorder currently supports XSplit Gamecaster 2, XSplit Broadcaster 2 and OBS Classic.

  • How can I know if the HD Audio Recorder is turned on?

    Nahimic Support · 0 · Posted

    You can know when the HD Audio Recorder 2 is turned on when you start your recording. In fact, you will see a pop message appearing during 3 seconds in your game to indicate that the process is running.

    You can disable the pop-up by switching OFF this option in the page 2 of the HD Audio Recorder 2 page.

  • How can I use HD Audio Recorder?

    Nahimic Support · 0 · Posted

    The HD Audio Recorder is, by default, automatically launched when a XSplit Gamecaster 2 / XSplit Broadcaster 2 / OBS Classic recording session is detected.

    The launch of the HD Audio Recorder enables our HD audio processing over your recording without any need for adjustments.

    This means that we automatically activates Nahimic's audio and microphone effects during your recording to offer you a studio quality for your recording sessions. You can disable the HD Audio Recorder by switching this option OFF in the page 2 of the HD Audio Recorder 2 page.