Everything seems well set and all buttons are “On” but Nahimic’s audio effects don’t seem to work, I can’t hear any difference!

It’s possible that your Windows® audio settings disabled all audio effects on your device. To turn them on, just follow these instructions:

1 - On your Windows® taskbar, right-click on the volume icon.
2 - Click on Playback devices or Recording devices, depending on the devices you are interested in. Playback devices are audio devices, like speakers or headphones. Recording devices are capture devices, like microphones. You may have to apply these instructions to both.
3 - Right click on your current default device and click on Properties.
4 - Click on the Enhancements tab and make sure the disabling audio effects option is unchecked.

Nahimic’s audio effects should now run normally.

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i checked and that box was already unchecked, nahimic still doesnt have any effect on the sound