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    How can i uninstall nahimic and use Realtek Audio manager

    abedhorani · 2 · Last reply by abedhorani


    Nahimic is  a great programm but Realtek audio manager gives me more options to adjust 

    i would like to uninstall nahimic and use only the Realtek audio manager.

    Please help .

    I have Realtek ALC 1220.

    thanks in advance

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    Conflict with PowerDVD 17 while playing Blu-ray disc using headphone

    hy · 0 · Posted

    I'm using 2.5.12 version of nahimic. When using plug-in headphone, there's no problem to use PowerDVD 17 to play normal videos. But if playing Blu-ray disc, there's no sound in headphone. If switching the audio output device to the speaker, then it turns to be fine. It's pretty odd but I do have this problem.

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    Nahimic looses it's "power" on Firefox YouTube Videos

    NoobAndProud · 2 · Last reply by Orihalcon

    It's kinda hard to explain but after a full Cleaninstall of windows the error was persistent.

    If I freshly opened Firefox and go to a YouTube video the effects are powerful noticeable and "like it's supposed to be" but going to a second video, pausing the video or even reloading the same video with F5 the effects loose their "power". I can only reset this by completely restarting Firefox and then again only for one video where I can't even jump to my last view time cause it will loose it again...

    To note here is that switching nahimic off

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    Nahimic 2 Application Running Problem

    Batuhan · 0 · Posted

    When I install nahimic 2 setup  looks 'installation completed'

    Then I try open the program launcher 

    And I look launching programs Nahimic 2 here

    But when I try to open user panel it isn't open. I click two times launcher and nahimic 2 symbol nothing happen and open. Please... I did everything I could. What should I do different for use (open) Nahimic 2 

    My Email:

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    b350 gaming plus

    Yomamaass18 · 1 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    can i use nahimic with my b350 gaming plus motherboard made my msi?

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    nahimic will not work no matter what solutions exist

    willeh · 1 · Last reply by willeh

    currently running the latest version of windows 10, version 1703 ,OS build 15063.540.

    using latest realtek driver 8233,

    and latest version of nahimic 2.5.19.

    my mother board is a MSI b350 gaming pro carbon and either though im fully well aware that i need to install realtek before nahimc, nahimic WILL NOT launch its UI, iv tried reinstalling with anti virus and firewall dissabled, ive tried multiple compatibility settings, and ive tried combinations of older versions. but no matter what i simply cannot get this feature to function which was the whole point why i got this motherboard. 

    also to

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    Sound tracker issues

    Drag Anda · 0 · Posted

    I am unable to use the sound tracker, it will say that I need to enable 5.1 or 7.1 virtual sound. I do enable the spatial sound for windows however it disables randomly and stops the sound tracker. Any ideas? (this happens for both the speakers and the headphones.

    *Using a GS60 6QE laptop by MSI if that helps

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    Nahimic Not Detecting Front Panel Output and Microphone

    Wumbolio · 1 · Last reply by Wumbolio

    After getting the new version of Nahimic (2.5.19) and Realtek (, my headset is no longer detected by Nahimic, I need to manually add each of them and the audio still doesn't work and going to a different tab, then going back will remove it. When testing the headphones, I get an error message saying that it failed to use the testing tone. I have the headset plugged into the 3.5 mm jacks in the front panel.

    I am using windows 7 with an MSI 970A Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard.

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    Obsolete audio driver error

    Baroque Origin · 0 · Posted

    I can't seem to install Nahimic 2+ 2.5.19. I keep getting an error stating that I need to update my audio driver, but the installation from MSI's driver page doesn't remedy this. Do I have to install some sort of driver from realtek? Shouldn't the C-Media Audio driver be enough? Using Z170A M9 ACK mobo.

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    No audio input, just internal speakers

    Joel Matos · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I have installed the latest drivers (both nahimic and realtek from the latest post), and still I can't get a way to have audio in my phones or my external speakers. There's no way to choose which one to use. My pc is a MSI GS60-6QE.

    Any sugestions ?

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    sound distortion on latest windows+realtek+nahimic versions, MSI gt72vr 6re.

    amaella1 . · 0 · Posted

    Upon updating windows, audio over headset was crackly, with lots of distortion and static. I was shocked, but installing newest nahimic+realtek "fixed" this. However, when compared to how my laptop sounded on realtek 8166 and nahimic 2.3.20 it was a disaster. Some sounds sounded slightly muffled, audio was not crystal clear as I am used to (it seemed kind of unbalanced) and bass was slightly distorted when using bass boost or equalizer to boost the bass. (latest windows version, realtek and nahimic 2+). Needless to say I proceeded to roll back windows, disabling windows update and reinstalling my favorite versions

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    Can't use Nahimic.No UI show

    Drakire Grey · 1 · Last reply by MJT

    When I try to open Nahimic 2.5.9 from the desktop shortcut, it doesn't open no interface. I tried to uninstall the realtek and nahimic drivers like you tell to do using IObit Uninstaller but didn't work.On the system tray, I left-clicked , nothing happened , then right-click , the Nahamic icon disappeared.
    I'm using msi x370 krait mobo.

  • Nahimic 2.5.19 is now out!

    Nahimic Support · 2 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    No holidays for Nahimic! It's ready for a new school year! Nahimic 2.5.19 is now available for download! 

    You'll find the patch note just below! 

    Important: You need Realtek 8192 Or C-MEDIA 1.15 or above to be fully functional. You have 3 possibilities to be on the good version:
    - Using Windows Update  
    Using MSI support website 
    The link given by us, click here

    Here is the link for Realtek 8233:

    Link for Nahimic 2.5.19:

    Patch note: 

    • Enhancements to avoid some installation, update and uninstallation issues.
    • Behavior enhancements when devices are disabled.
    • Implementation of an
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    Cannot uninstall Nahimic 2+

    Michaeldao · 2 · Last reply by Gregg

    My Nahimic 2+ is not working. I see it in the system tray, and when I try to open it. It does nothing for 10 seconds then crashes. I tried to uninstall it and when I do I get this message. "

    Could not open key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nahimic\Nahimic2. Very that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel


    Can you help me remove it?

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    Nahimic uninstalling issue on windows 10 pro

    Game Christan01 · 2 · Last reply by MJT

    I recentlyl upgrade my old mobo to MSI B250 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. I used the drivers supplied on the MSI website to update the Realtek/Nahimic audio. Initial install went fine but Nahimic simply does not functioning well and causing a lot of problems in my audio/recording components. I'll try to uninstall and reinstall it. During uninstall, a message pops up and says "Could no open key"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nahimic\Nahimic2. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personel." This causes the uninstall to fail. Please help me fix this problem. Thanks

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    Nahimic 2.5.16 Battleground Sound Tracker

    Madchery · 1 · Last reply by Chan Mars


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    Nahimic conflicts with ENBoost and Skyrim

    Bbjjmayoki · 0 · Posted

    Nahimic conflicts with ENBoost, which is a memory patch for Skyrim.  It causes Skyrim/ENBoost to crash to desktop.  When I disable Nahimic - no problems with the ENBoost.  Is there a way to fix this?

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    Static and noise through system

    CanadianBac0n · 0 · Posted

    I currently have a MSI desktop with Nahimic 2+ installed, version 2.5.16, US 9,232,337, and Realtek High Definition Audio with driver version

    Even when the sound is muted, I hear feedback and static noise through whatever headphones I have plugged into the computer. I was wondering if this was related to Nahimic in any way, and if there is a way to fix this issue? 

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    fps counter would be nice

    Clinton Meier · 0 · Posted

    If you made a nice fps counter that gave the min max and avg stats of the game your playing that would be really helpful as fraps sucks. also if you could adjust the sensitivity that would be helpful as mine doesnt seem to go off until a car is right behind me but the gunshots come in ok

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    MSI Z270M Mortar compatibility.

    Brandonphu · 0 · Posted

    I have a MSI Z270M Mortar motherboard. Is Nahimic software compatible with my motherboard? Using widnows 10 x64.