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    5+1 Speakers Control Panel

    Omer Yurtsever · 0 · Posted

    Pls add 5+1 speakers control panel. like this..

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    The problem with the latest Nahimic

    Larrylu Tw · 0 · Posted


    I was install Nahimic 2.3.17,and it's normal,no problem. But, after I upgraded to Nahimic 2.3.20(with Realtek),then set Sample Rate from 48khz to 192khz with Nahimic(Look the picture). Then I find, everything sounds VERY QUIET...  The problem happens in Nahimic 2.3.20, 2.3.21 and Nahimic2 + 2.5.16. Is it a bug ?

    Sorry for my bad English... My computer is GE62VR-6RF , Windows 10 1703.

    The problem will make my game sound very quiet, when I turn the Nahimic mode to Role-Play, something (like game, music or movie)even I can't hear,please help me,thanks.

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    ZBrush and Nahimic 2 Conflict Report

    Schar60 · 0 · Posted

    "Nahimic 2" audio software services processes are causing the popular 3D program: "ZBrush" to crash when trying to start it.

    "Nahimic2Svc32.exe" (Found in Task Manager) cause the 32 bit Version of the ZBrush executable to crash when starting the application.
    "Nahimic2Svc64.exe" (Found in Task Manager) cause the 64 bit Version of the ZBrush executable to crash when starting the application.

    Killing those processes in Task Manager fix the problem.

    Tested: Nahimic 2_2.5.12 (Latest on MSI web site for Motherboard MSI Pro Carbon X370 )

    and Nahimic 2.5.16 (Latest on this site)

    Windows 10
    Ryzen 1700X@3800MHZ
    Motherboard MSI ProCarbon X370

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    Nahimic conflicts with Uplay

    Billy90 · 0 · Posted


    I have updated Nahimic to the latest version but it keeps conflicting with "Uplay launcher" that runs games.

    I'm depending on Nahimic to make the sound very high and clear to play my Game "Rainbow Six Siege" but I can't with this conflict.

    I must close Nahimic to run Uplay to run Rainbow Six Siege :(

    *Uplay is a program belongs to ubisoft that is similar to Steam.

    Problem uncounted in Nahimic version 2.3.20 & 2.3.21

    Hope you can help fix this confliction; I have reported this to Uplay too.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    I have tried:

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    Nahimic 2.5.6 conflicts with QQ

    Jason Chen · 1 · Last reply by Larrylu Tw

    When I install the Nahimic 2.5.6 and I keep it turned on, I cannot open QQ, the QQ is appearing on the task manager, but not appearing on anywhere else. Please fix that.

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    nahimi2 and realtek

    Se Mcq · 0 · Posted

    Can you help - i have msi ge72 6ql laptop and tried to use the above two apps,

    when i watch a you tube video and alter the audio settings of nahimic - Bass Treble, loud enhancer (extreme) then the 2nd page for the equailzer, when i change a setting it works great BUT when i close Nahimic and then firefox and then try to watch the video again or a different one, I am unable to alter the nahimic settings - nothing works then!!!

    What can i do??


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    A small Misstranslation in korean

    Spicy Noodlez · 0 · Posted

    When you right click Nahimic at right bottom of the screen it says "Nahimic 2 열린" but it should be

    "Nahimic 2 열림"

    Interestingly Nvidia had the same problem, so I reported them to fix it

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    Virtual sound and reverb effect are broken

    Eric Hoareau · 2 · Last reply by Spicy Noodlez


    I have a 4.0 speaker output setup. I am after surrounding sound for listening to music, mainly.

    I'm using Nahimic 2+ version 2.5.6 <-- (i know that's strange but that's what is displayed on the panel)

    Anyway, virtual sound effect and reverb effect behave strangely.

    - I've enabled virtual sound, but the difference in sound is barely perceptible. I have to boost the gain of rear speakers to the max to hear something approching 4.0 surround.

    - I've enabled reverb but never noticed any difference in sound whatever position the slider can be at. When i switch Reverb button

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    Soundcloud desktop notification makes Nahimic effects to stop working !

    Eric Hoareau · 0 · Posted


    I'm using Nahimic 2 + (version2.5.6),

    Using Edge as browser, i'm listening to some music on with nahimic effects on to get the most surrounding sound experience with my 4.0 speaker output setup. It works great for the very first tune beeing played. Then, after the soundcloud's desktop notification has poped up for the next tune, the sound will not have any of the Nahimic enhancements anymore. Effects gone : no more bass boost, no more treble enhancement nor virtual sound effect. No more difference in sound when i switch the big activate/desactivate button in Nahimic's panel. All

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    Nahimic is causing UnrealEngine4 to crash

    Eric Hoareau · 0 · Posted


    I use a 4.0 speaker output setup and Nahimic 2 + (version2.5.6) to get the most surrounding sound experience...

    BUT, when Nahimic is on, some apps can't launch as it causes UE4 to crash at startup.

    This is the case with "SpacedreamVR" (avaible on Viveport and here:

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    MSI GS60 2PE can't install nahimic

    Hải Phạm · 0 · Posted

    i'm using msi gs60 2pe 3k edition but i cant install nahimic on my laptop. plz help me

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    Compatibility issue with Mirillis Action! Recording Software

    Walker Bahlmann · 0 · Posted


    I am currently using Mirillis Action! to record PC footage. When I launch Action! along with Nahimic, I am unable to record a full video. I can start the recording, but when I hit STOP, the software freezes and the footage is lost. If I start recording without Nahimic open, the software works completely fine

    CPU: Intel I5 6600k @ 4.4Ghz

    Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon

    OS: Windows 10 Version 1703

    Hopefully I can find a solution soon.


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    cant install any nahimic version!!

    hi guys, i cant seem to install any nahimic on my msi laptop gt72 2qe dominator pro windows 10 and its not the creators edition! i can install the audio driver just fine but everytime i try and install nahimic software that goes with the right audio driver i see the box and it says aqcuiring the bar doesnt move and in a few seconds it says the audio driver installation process is complete but it doesnt install any files or folders for nahimic anywhere on pc.

    i have tried the latest version from today with the right audio driver

  • Nahimic 2+ is now ready for a hot summer!

    Nahimic Support · 1 · Last reply by Eric Hoareau

    Maybe you're on the beach waiting for the new version for a long time, it's time to go back to your PC and download Nahimic 2+! 

    After a long test period we can let you enjoy the new features! You can find the patch note just below!

    Click here to download Nahimic 2.5.16!

    Important: You need Realtek 8192 Or C-MEDIA 1.15 or above to be fully functional. You have 3 possibilities to be on the good version:
    - Using Windows Update 
    - Using MSI support website
    The link given by us, click here

    Patch note


    Player's Unknown Battleground is

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    Youtube (Firefox) & Nahimic

    Nico H · 0 · Posted

    Hello there I have a Problem.

    I cant use the Nahimic Settings with youtube. There is no suround sound. Every other Prgram works fine

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    GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro

    Hey there.

    I just try to stream on Twitch and have a real issue : When headphone is unplugged, Subwoofer is not routed through stereo mix and the sound quality is pretty bad.

    Is there a wey to just add the subwoofer to the stereo mix ?


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    Incompatibility between Nahimic software and game Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

    saturnotaku · 0 · Posted

    Hello, I would like to report on a possible incompatibility with the Nahimic driver (versions 2.3.xx) and the newly released Steam game Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. My computer is an MSI GT73VR laptop running the latest build of Windows 10 with all current updates installed. When the Nahimic software is running and I launch the game, the video works, but there is no sound whatsoever. 

    However, if I close the Nahimic application from the system tray, the game's sound works perfectly. It also works if I connect my headphones to the audio output jack on my external monitor because

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    how to uninstall?

    Krank · 0 · Posted

    I have been trying to uninstall Nahimic 2 off my MSI gt62vr because it is broken and no longer showing a UI, and I figured this might fix it. It has been sitting at the first step for well over an hour at this point with no signs of changing. Short of going in and manually deleting the files (Which I am strongly considering doing) is there anything I should be able to do to get this process to move along? Screenshot below is what it's looked like since I started this endevour. 


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    Why does Nahimic not support Bluetooth Headphones ?

    James · 1 · Last reply by CW Chien

    I got high end bluetooth headphones but Nahimic gets disabled as soon as I connect them to my laptop. It says it only supports wired headphones. Why is this not a feature ? It is a major inconvenience !