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    Nahimic won't launch after windows update

    Oscar · 1 reply · Last reply by John Crawford

    I have an MSI laptop i bought recently and it's sound was working great until i had to update windows. The sound is horrible now. By the way I resorted to the Microsoft HD Audio Drivers instead of the Realtek ones but I can't hear anything in certain games

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    i uninstalled nahimic 2 and i dont know how to install again or what to go to

    ajantosh19 · 1 reply · Last reply by Kyrillo

    i just uninstalled nahimic 2 because it was giving me problems and i dont know where to go to install it again.

  • Nahimic 2.3.14 is now out!

    Kyrillo · 2 replies · Last reply by Sda Freeman

    Nahimic's team wishes you a happy new year! 


    Nahimic 2.3.14 has fixed issues with Edge and games. You can read the changelog just below. 

    Don't forget: you need to have the newest version of Realtek to run Nahimic properly, we always give you the latest Realtek driver with our latest version.

    Click here to access to the download link

    1. Install Realtek driver
    2. Install Nahimic

    Bugs fixed: 

    - Skype Entreprise now has sound output with Nahimic activated  - Nahimic correctly applies its effects over Edge browser 
    - Implementation of enhanced headphone filters for better audio quality  - CS:
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    crash on open

    Cindy Aurum · 0 replies · Posted

    yesterday it was working fine, but now if i right click it in the system tray to open the window so i can change settings, it crashes the window, but it stays open in the background. how can i fix this?

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    Nahimic freezes UI of Nuke, Fusion 8, Fusion 360, Davinci Resolve

    EnricoPerei · 0 replies · Posted

    Hi all,


    I've encountered a serious problem, that apparently Nahimic is causing in Nuke, Fusion 8,Fusion 360 and Davinci Resolve.

    With the exception of Nuke after a random amount (3-10) right click or menu selection actions the UI of those tools freezes.

    In Nuke the properties tab doesn't show tool properties (major issue rendering nuke useless) and when hitting the tab key the dropdown list doesn't accept user input.

    All of this was gone once I uninstalled NAHIMIC !!


    Here is an Autodesk Forum entry that helped me with this:


    PLEASE Nahimic, look into fixing this

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    Runtime Error Visual C++ -pure virtual function call

    Sasuang Taekwon · 0 replies · Posted

    Runtime Error Visual C++ -pure virtual function call

    It happened every time I play overwatch.

    Sometime it has electric noisy sound cause lagging and low FPS

    Laptop : MSI GP62 2QE Leopard Pro

    Realtek High Definition Audio , Nahimic 2.3.12


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    Nahimic2 application makes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive utilize 100% CPU.

    Paweł Woźniak · 0 replies · Posted

    From version 2.3.6 till now Nahimic2 program makes Counter-Strike: Global Offensive utilize almost 100% CPU. When I turn off Nahimic2 program and run the game then I have about 70-88% utilization and suprisingly 100fps more in game. Problem doesn't exist in other games. I've also done clean OS installation and results are the same.

    My computer specification:
    i5 (6600k), Mobo MSI Z170 Gaming M5, GTX960 4GB, 32GB RAM DDR4 (3200MHz)

    Currently the only way is to turn off the Nahimic2 process and run game. Sound doesn't change but CPU utilization is whole much more better. Pls fix this.

  • excellent tool on msi gt80

    Yasir Azam · 0 replies · Posted

    Excellent tool on msi gt80!

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    Hope Hurteau · 1 reply · Last reply by Kyrillo

    seems like the reverb doesnt work anymore on the last few updates

    msi gaming laptop apache ge72vr 6rf

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    gui issue

    derrick house · 1 reply · Last reply by Kyrillo

    when i try to open the gui it does nothing please help.I am on a MSI qp62 6qe leopard pro

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    Instaliaton problem

    derrick house · 2 replies · Last reply by Kyrillo

    I need help it tells me that my audio driver is obsolete will you tell me how to fix this. i am running on a msi gp62 6qe leopnrd pro

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    ASIO Support

    Daniel Ovrutskiy · 2 replies · Last reply by Kyrillo

    Nahimic claims that it supports ASIO since version 2, but I don't see any native ASIO output device in my host applications.

    ASIO4ALL obviously works (and successfully bypasses DirectSound/Nahimic driver), but for example in Foobar2000 ASIO4ALL OR WASAPI output modes give much more different sound representation then DirectSound/Nahimic do (but ASIO4ALL and WASAPI themselves sound extremely similar if not the same).

    Even more - disabling audio effects ("global" button) in Nahimic control panel gives additional, 3rd type of sound signature (but sounds extremely bad). Yet uninstalling Nahimic gives initial DirectSound signature, and not "horrible" version of of.

    Model in question I'm

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    hi i updated my nahimic to 2.3.12 and it seems i have lost all bass....... it was fine in the previous versions but now the sound is terrible

    ashley · 3 replies · Last reply by ashley

    as i have said i updated nahimic to 2.3.12 and its stuffed the sound. it sounds hollow and like its coming from a tin can.
    i have installed and uninstalled 3 or 4 times in the proper way. i have tried the user equalizer and the presets (all of them) and  nothing works.
    can you advise me how to fix this  ?

    my laptop is a MSI GP72 6QE leopard pro



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    Crash on Games

    Michael · 2 replies · Last reply by Michael


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    Ge72vr sizzle sound on subwoofer

    Murat · 2 replies · Last reply by Murat

    I bought a ge72vr 6rf 2 weeks ago but there is a sizzle and buzzing sound on subwoofer . I try both of speaker no problem but subwoofer destroy me so is it a hardware or software problem?

    NOTE: i delete nahimic and realtek with keys and again i setup lastest versions in adition there is no change with this problem. 

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    Re-install Nahimic

    Ean YanYan · 0 replies · Posted

    Hello. I uninstalled my Nahimic and i want to re-install it, but, as i go through the driver on the MSI website, no version for win 10 for my laptop model. default os is win 8, but i upgraded it after i uninstall the driver. pls help.


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    Brand new GP62 Leopard MSI computer . Awful tinny sound.

    On my sound control I only have Realtek High Def. audio control , nothing else. Do I have to download special software. The sound is really, really bad on a one week old computer.

    Thanks for input

    Chris Mais

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    Nahimic Installation failed - Device not supported

    Faki Fake · 4 replies · Last reply by Faki Fake

    Hello, I wanted to install Nahimic (2.3.4), but after I started the Nahimic Setup, it tells me that my device isn't supported  ( even with the Real Tek Driver Update).

    On the website it says:

    >>> Compatible with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 on MSI Gaming Series

    I have Win 10 and a MSI Gaming Pro Mainboard.

    My friend owns a MSI Gaming Pro Carbon and it works fine for him.

    Any ideas? Thanks alot

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    High Pitched sound like a strangled squirrel

    During gameplay i get a high pitched noise like a squirrel getting strangled. I am using the 2.3.12 Nahimic software on my MSI GT72-6QD, Windows 10 Pro x64. I have uninstalled and reinstalled again.


    I have even used the Realtek Driver 2.80 as well as Yours and MSI's version same issue. However if i press alt+tab or even alt+enter it stops it for a few minutes before returning. Seems strange and it really and i mean really hurts my ears.

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    MSI GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro some sound still bursting

    Norman · 1 reply · Last reply by Kyrillo

    My MSI GE72VR 6RF Apache Pro

    now using 2.3.12 already

    but some sound still bursting

    this is sample video