• Nahimic 2+ is now ready for a hot summer!

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    Maybe you're on the beach waiting for the new version for a long time, it's time to go back to your PC and download Nahimic 2+! 

    After a long test period we can let you enjoy the new features! You can find the patch note just below!

    Click here to download Nahimic 2.5.16!

    Important: You need Realtek 8192 Or C-MEDIA 1.15 or above to be fully functional. You have 3 possibilities to be on the good version:
    - Using Windows Update 
    - Using MSI support website
    The link given by us, click here

    Patch note


    Player's Unknown Battleground is

  • Nahimic 2.3.15 is available.

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    In order to improve the quality of Nahimic and to satisfy all of our users, we decided to suspend Nahimic 2+ deployment for a moment. We will inform you about its next release. 

    Windows Creators update has bring a lot of new changes we need to test all of them with our software to let you enjoy it at 100%

    Click here to go on the download page for Nahimic 2.3.15.

    Important: You need Realtek version 8059 Or C-MEDIA 1.14 or above to be fully functional. You have 3 possibilities to be on the good version: 
    - Using Windows Update
    - Using MSI

  • Nahimic 2.3.14 is now out!

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    Nahimic's team wishes you a happy new year! 


    Nahimic 2.3.14 has fixed issues with Edge and games. You can read the changelog just below. 

    Don't forget: you need to have the newest version of Realtek to run Nahimic properly, we always give you the latest Realtek driver with our latest version.

    Click here to access to the download link

    1. Install Realtek driver
    2. Install Nahimic

    Bugs fixed: 

    - Skype Entreprise now has sound output with Nahimic activated  - Nahimic correctly applies its effects over Edge browser 
    - Implementation of enhanced headphone filters for better audio quality  - CS:
  • 2.3.12 is now on the slope!

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    Christmas is close... if you can't hear people throwing snowballs around you, maybe you don't have Nahimic 2.3.12!

    Click here to download Nahimic 2.3.12  


    Fixed issues

    - After uninstall (with delete preferences checked), the Sound Tracker's arrow appears correctly
    - Sound Tracker does not freeze anymore after using the Launchpad shortcuts several times

    Known issues

    We are still improving our software on the crack noise issue to erase it forever.


  • Nahimic 2.3.8 is alive!

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    Halloween is close and you need to be sure you can hear ghosts whispering and vampires in your back!

    Nahimic 2.3.8 is alive and ready to fight!

    Important: you need to install the Realtek version presents in the link below to reduces the noise issue

    Click here to access to the download link



    Fixed issues

    Fixed some of the crack noise issue present in game sessions when CPU load is too important.

    Known issues

    We are still improving our software on the crack noise issue to erase it forever.

  • Nahimic hotfix is available!

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    Autumn is coming like our hotfix! We worked with Realtek to reduce the "cracking" noises issue.

    The newest Windows update has brought an issue for several users, to fix this problem, please uninstall Realtek and Nahimic. You can click here to find our process.

    In order to avoid any loud noise side effect coming from CPU over consumption, typically on i5 processors, Nahimic implements a new feature allowing to stop applying audio effects over new opening audio streams if a already overloaded CPU is detected.

    Nahimic audio effects will be applied on new audio streams as soon as CPU is

  • Nahimic 2.3.4 is available!

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    It's time to go back to school for many but it's time to update for everyone! Nahimic 2.3.4 is ready!

    Click here to download!

    Don't forget to update Realtek driver before Nahimic.


    - Addition of 3 buttons in the Preferences window to access Nahimic's Facebook page, Twitter page and Helprace page
    - New games are added to the compatibility list: Dark Souls III, Far Cry: Primal, Rise of the Tomb Raider & The Talos Principle (full list is available here: http://nahimic.com/soundtracker/)
    - Music default profile has now the Virtual Surround OFF so as to ensure a more neutral audio

  • Nahimic 2.3.1 is released !

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    Even during the holidays, we are still trying to improve your Nahimic experience ! 

    Click here to download the new version 

    Don't forget to install or update Realtek before you install Nahimic.


    - Improved Chinese translations
    - The Smart Loudness's combobox is now tranlated in all languages

    - All sample rates are now available in the Device Properties panel

    - HD Audio Recorder's pop-up has now a Nahimic 2 style design

    - Smart Loudness is now Balanced as default

    Bug Fixes


    - Beamforming state is correctly updated when switching tabs and plugging/unplugging devices   - Sound Tracker's test
  • Nahimic 2.3.0 is released !

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    Holiday time? Not for Nahimic: 2.3.0 version is now released!

    Thanks to 2.3.0, we fully support Windows 10 Anniversary update and fixed several bugs, including most of the compatibility issues.
    We also added a link in the Sound Tracker tab for you to know which games are compatible with it.

    Requirement : Realtek version 7855 or newer. C-Media laptops : 1.12 or newer, C-Media motherboard : 2.18 or newer.

    Link for Nahimic 2.3.0 : click here.

    If you want to learn more about the feature improvements and bug fixes included in 2.3.0, please click here


    Requirements :