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    Download Links not working

    Chris Maglio · 3 replies · Last reply by Kyrillo

    Trying to download the latest Realtek and Nahimic as suggested plus also having trouble with low volume from my Hyper X Cloud II Headset on my MSI GT72VR.

    Please help. :o

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    Can't install Nahimic

    Nodscene · 1 reply · Last reply by UnCaged

    I've tried installing the two latest version but can't get anything to install. Each time I've uninstalled both the realtech driver and rebooted then try to install Nahimic. When it hung the first time I read that the old version of Nahimic. I went through uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times now without success. Tried using your recommended uninstaller but it doesn't even find the program. When trying the latest version 2.3.12 I get an error code 2753. When I try version 8 it says a newer version is installed. I've used CCleaner and manually gone through the registry to remove any

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    Unable to install Nahimic

    Eric · 3 replies · Last reply by Eric

    I am trying to reinstall Nahimic but when I do, I get a popup saying "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."  Verify that you have access to the ProgramData: Nahimic2CheckDevicesConfigurator.msi location and try again.

    Followed by another popup saying, "The older version of CheckDevicesConfigurator cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group."

    I've already uninstalled Nahimic, it no longer shows on my programs list. When I try clearing out temp and cache files, I get the same error.

    I have already installed the latest audio driver. 

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    I uninstalled nahimic and cant find a download to reinstall

    Jaret Cumming · 2 replies · Last reply by Kyrillo

    I uninstalled nahimic and cant find a download to reinstall. I know im dumb i found a link that said uninstall older versions and did so then the link had no download. I did this after Nahimic stoped working for me after a windws update was installed on the 27th of sept. If someone could point me in the right direction that would help. Thanks.

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    speaker support over DisplayPort

    UnCaged · 2 replies · Last reply by UnCaged


    I have the acer predator x34 connected by way of DisplayPort it has two built-in 7W speakers but it does not show in Nahimic. Why? is there a way to fix this?

    Thanks for your help

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    Increased cracking noise issue with Xbox game DVR bar

    Kyrillo · 0 replies · Posted

    You may have been experiencing cracking sounds during your game sessions.

    We noticed the problem is increased on some configurations (ex: GE62 6QF,GE62 6QE,GP62 6QF, GP62 6QE) when Xbox game DVR bar is activated. 

    We recommend to deactivate it to decrease the cracking noise issue.

    To deactivate the Xbox game DVR bar, 2 methods are available:

    First method: 

    - Launch Xbox app
    - Open Settings
    - Click on Game DVR
    - Switch off "Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR"


    Second method: 

    Click here and download the registration entry.

    This registration entry will automatically deactivate the Xbox game DVR bar.


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    davis lee · 1 reply · Last reply by Kyrillo

    is msi ge72 2ql compatible with nahimic 2.3.1 ??

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    Bad Quality and Nahimic won't open GUI

    Calvin Kuit · 1 reply · Last reply by Kyrillo

    Nahimic can't launch open in the task bar but won't open gui.. I wanted to check if everything is all right because my quality all the sudden became super bad. Especially though aux. I'm using a MSI GP72 6QF Leopard pro.. Please help me solve this issue I'm a music producer and this makes a big difference.

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    How to activate Nahimic Audio Enhancer on Linux Mint 18

    Bilal · 1 reply · Last reply by Kyrillo

    Hi, is there any proper way to activate nahimic audio enhancer on Linux Mint 18?

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    Nahimic or Realtek Microphone Noise Suppression Problem!

    Gabumon · 0 replies · Posted

    Hello dear, I am using MSI Z170A Gaming M3 motherboard. I can't take any recording or streaming. Because when i talk with my microphone, background noise is coming after than 40% windows volume. same like "not heavy buzzing" just like "tsssss" it wasn't clear voice. I am using 3 types microphone. ( Goldmaster hp 27,BM 800 Dynamic Condenser Wired Microphone, Qpad QH 1339.) I have 2 PC. Other pc has different motherboard. I tested all microphone working fine... Surely watch this video > It's definitely software problem. Because i tested so many times. Nahimic 1 has a more controlling Noise

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    Problem with Nahimic 2 and Realtek Audio Manager.

    I have a 5.1 Logitech Z506 and I set everything in the Realtek audio manager for let it work in 5.1 mode. But if I turn off the Nahimic manager the sound become 2.1. In Nahimic if i change the audio from 5.1 to stereo or something else, it crashes! In the Realtek audio manager don't work any kind of sonor effects but only in Nahimic. The sound card is an integrated of the MSI H170 Gaming M3 motherboard wich come with Nahimic also integrated.

    How can I remain in 5.1 mode and can turn off the Nahimic audio manager???

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    Questions section : rules

    Kyrillo · 0 replies · Posted

    This section aims to let you ask questions about Nahimic.

    Before you post any new question, please make sure your question has not already been asked on the forum. For this, you can use the search bar. Also, when you begin creating a new topic, when you type a title, all similar posts will appear, which will help you know if your question has already been asked.

    If your question has not been asked yet, then feel free to push the "Continue posting" button!


    Please, be aware of the forum rules :

    1. Before posting a topic, please be sure

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    Re-install Nahimic

    Ean YanYan · 0 replies · Posted

    Hello. I uninstalled my Nahimic and i want to re-install it, but, as i go through the driver on the MSI website, no version for win 10 for my laptop model. default os is win 8, but i upgraded it after i uninstall the driver. pls help.


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    Switch between headphones and speakers

    BlackRock · 1 reply · Last reply by Kyrillo

    At night I plug in my headphone, an I use the interface of the headphone MSi ds502 In the morning I plug out my headphone, and I use the interface of Nahimic. I don't want to plug in/out the usb of the headphone. Is it possible to do it in the lay-out of nahimic?

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    Sound Tracker Problems

    Harrison Poon · 0 replies · Posted

    So I am playing a CSGO custom game to test out the sound tracker; The arrow doesn't appear at all.

    I use a G430 headset and I turned on Virtual Surround on the Audio section my headset support 7.1 so I'm unclear why the Sound  Tracker doesn't work 

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    hi i updated my nahimic to 2.3.12 and it seems i have lost all bass....... it was fine in the previous versions but now the sound is terrible

    ashley · 3 replies · Last reply by ashley

    as i have said i updated nahimic to 2.3.12 and its stuffed the sound. it sounds hollow and like its coming from a tin can.
    i have installed and uninstalled 3 or 4 times in the proper way. i have tried the user equalizer and the presets (all of them) and  nothing works.
    can you advise me how to fix this  ?

    my laptop is a MSI GP72 6QE leopard pro



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    In Dragon Center, when I push the button Nahimic 2 nothing happens, I see Nahimic 2 in the list of programs.

    BlackRock · 4 replies · Last reply by Kyrillo

    I bought a new computer a few weeks ago. The sound for games is okay, but the sound on YouTube is very bad. So I think I have to change the sound settings in Nahimic 2. But in the dragon center, nothing happens when I push the button Nahimic 2. I can see that Nahimic 2 exist in the list with programs. How can I solve this problem?Thanks.


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    ASIO Support

    Daniel Ovrutskiy · 2 replies · Last reply by Kyrillo

    Nahimic claims that it supports ASIO since version 2, but I don't see any native ASIO output device in my host applications.

    ASIO4ALL obviously works (and successfully bypasses DirectSound/Nahimic driver), but for example in Foobar2000 ASIO4ALL OR WASAPI output modes give much more different sound representation then DirectSound/Nahimic do (but ASIO4ALL and WASAPI themselves sound extremely similar if not the same).

    Even more - disabling audio effects ("global" button) in Nahimic control panel gives additional, 3rd type of sound signature (but sounds extremely bad). Yet uninstalling Nahimic gives initial DirectSound signature, and not "horrible" version of of.

    Model in question I'm

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    Nahimic 2 Crashes on startup

    Today, my MSI GP62 QE updated to the latest version of windows 10, when the update was finsished I watched a video, and the audio was extremely loud, despite my computer being set to 60. I tried to launch Nahimic 2, nothing happened, and I thought maybe it was because of the update, uninstalled and re-installed. When I open it now, it just says "Nahimic 2 is not working" and closes.


    UPDATE: Installed latest version of Realtek, now receiving error that says "Nahimic 2 Error on Audio Driver Check, please verify version of Audio Driver."

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    I cannot record mic and system audio with camtasia studio recorder (records screen with multiple audio) It s. ays "system audio setup failed" With Nahimic off (i.enot running) the recording is performed without any problems !

    Spiros Kunelis · 0 replies · Posted

    Will there be support for Camtasia Studio ( and in particular, just in case you look into it, Camtasia Studio Screen Recorder, a very useful program for creating computer screen recordings with audio) ?