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    Download Links not working

    Chris Maglio · 3 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    Trying to download the latest Realtek and Nahimic as suggested plus also having trouble with low volume from my Hyper X Cloud II Headset on my MSI GT72VR.

    Please help. :o

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    Can't install Nahimic

    Nodscene · 2 · Last reply by mustafa yeniçeri

    I've tried installing the two latest version but can't get anything to install. Each time I've uninstalled both the realtech driver and rebooted then try to install Nahimic. When it hung the first time I read that the old version of Nahimic. I went through uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times now without success. Tried using your recommended uninstaller but it doesn't even find the program. When trying the latest version 2.3.12 I get an error code 2753. When I try version 8 it says a newer version is installed. I've used CCleaner and manually gone through the registry to remove any

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    Will there be support for the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Azrah · 7 · Last reply by Florin Pățan

    I would love to play this game but being deaf in one ear leads to me spinning in circles looking for shooters and your sound tracker app would help me out tremendously. 

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    What is the best setup for dota 2 and listening music ?

    Mete · 2 · Last reply by Mete

    Hello, recently i got a MSI GE62VR 7RF gaming laptop which comes with Nahimic Version 2.Actually i can't call it is a problem but it annoys me a lot.Maybe i can't making the right setups but one way or other i don't satisfying with this way of usage.

    I'm playing Dota 2 for hours in a day and listening music almost every minute when pc is on.Besides i'm not a sound expert or i don't have any technical knowledge about sound but even without these skills i can say there is something wrong.

    The first thing is about music, i

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    Unable to install Nahimic

    Eric · 4 · Last reply by mustafa yeniçeri

    I am trying to reinstall Nahimic but when I do, I get a popup saying "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."  Verify that you have access to the ProgramData: Nahimic2CheckDevicesConfigurator.msi location and try again.

    Followed by another popup saying, "The older version of CheckDevicesConfigurator cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group."

    I've already uninstalled Nahimic, it no longer shows on my programs list. When I try clearing out temp and cache files, I get the same error.

    I have already installed the latest audio driver. 

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    After windows 10 update today, the program wont open and audio is horrible

    will · 2 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    It sounds scratchy and the program just doesn't open up. Not sure what to do? I've tried restarting and that hasn't solved it. 


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    Questions section : rules

    Nahimic Support · 0 · Posted

    This section aims to let you ask questions about Nahimic.

    Before you post any new question, please make sure your question has not already been asked on the forum. For this, you can use the search bar. Also, when you begin creating a new topic, when you type a title, all similar posts will appear, which will help you know if your question has already been asked.

    If your question has not been asked yet, then feel free to push the "Continue posting" button!


    Please, be aware of the forum rules :

    1. Before posting a topic, please be sure

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    the audio is obsolete. Pls install the latest version of your audio driver??

    Valen Yoke Ching · 1 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    Why Nahimic 2 is not function, I uninstalled it and tried to install new one but It said -->

    "installation could not proceed: the audio is obsolete. Pls install the latest version of your audio driver."

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    Problem in installing Nahimic 2.3.20 with Realtek audio driver

    Moon · 2 · Last reply by erpsterc

    I can't install Nahimic 2.3.20 properly. 

    I got a message 'Installation could not proceed: The Realtek audio driver must be installed first.' when I tried to install Nahimic Nahimic 2.3.20, though I already installed Realtek audio driver which is acting normally.

    After re-installing Realtek audio driver, I could install Nahimic 2.3.20, but it seems that Nahimic was not installed properly, becaouse no shortcuts were created either on desktop or start menu, different from previous versions of Nahimic. And no response even though I click the tray icon of Nahimic.

    I tried installing various version of Realtek audio driver like 8158, 8169, and

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    Is Nahimic Indicator legal in CSGO Ranked?

    Pispi · 2 · Last reply by Phyo Win Hlaing

    Is legal use Nahimic Indicator in Competitive Game o a will be VAC-Banned if use it?

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    Why does Nahimic not support Bluetooth Headphones ?

    James · 1 · Last reply by CW Chien

    I got high end bluetooth headphones but Nahimic gets disabled as soon as I connect them to my laptop. It says it only supports wired headphones. Why is this not a feature ? It is a major inconvenience !

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    sound recording quality is horrible

    Sergey Smirnov · 3 · Last reply by Sergey Smirnov

    I have Z170A Gaming m3 mobo by MSI. I'm pretty happy with the sound it produces. Nevertheless I can't record anything decent sounding. Only with Realtek drivers  installed, I record fine if I speak right into the mic but the volume of a recording jump and down like crazy with every word I say. The good thing there's no noise. If I install Nahimic2 the volume doesn't jump up and down thanks to the voice leveler. However the noise suppression doesn't work at all. Oh Hell. On my old PC with P5B-E motherboard from 2007 I can record just fine with no issues. The volume

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    I uninstalled nahimic and cant find a download to reinstall

    Jaret Cumming · 2 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    I uninstalled nahimic and cant find a download to reinstall. I know im dumb i found a link that said uninstall older versions and did so then the link had no download. I did this after Nahimic stoped working for me after a windws update was installed on the 27th of sept. If someone could point me in the right direction that would help. Thanks.

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    speaker support over DisplayPort

    UnCaged · 2 · Last reply by UnCaged


    I have the acer predator x34 connected by way of DisplayPort it has two built-in 7W speakers but it does not show in Nahimic. Why? is there a way to fix this?

    Thanks for your help

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    hdmi audio problem

    Irwin Crueize · 2 · Last reply by Irwin Crueize

    I have a msi gt72vr 6re and i encounter a problem with nahimic and audio by hdmi on my tv.
    Indeed, when nahimic is enabled, a lot of my videos have no sound (but some yes, at first I thought it could come from the audio codec, but no, some of my videos whose sound works has the same audio codec as videos whose sound does not work, even bitrate, even encoding).
    When nahimic is disabled, all my videos work normally.

    I do not want to spend my time activating / deactivating nahimic depending on whether I'm on my

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    Increased cracking noise issue with Xbox game DVR bar

    Nahimic Support · 0 · Posted

    You may have been experiencing cracking sounds during your game sessions.

    We noticed the problem is increased on some configurations (ex: GE62 6QF,GE62 6QE,GP62 6QF, GP62 6QE) when Xbox game DVR bar is activated. 

    We recommend to deactivate it to decrease the cracking noise issue.

    To deactivate the Xbox game DVR bar, 2 methods are available:

    First method: 

    - Launch Xbox app
    - Open Settings
    - Click on Game DVR
    - Switch off "Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR"

    Second method: 

    Click here and download the registration entry.

    This registration entry will automatically deactivate the Xbox game DVR bar.

    - Right

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    Allister CT · 1 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    Hello there,

    May I know what is " Remanence " in Sound Tracker of Nahimic2+? And, how does it affect the audio experience?

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    Nahimic doesn't detect mic in rear panel

    Berkan · 2 · Last reply by Berkan

    I can use effects when i plug into front panel but if I plug into rear panel it doesn't work.

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    how to uninstall?

    Krank · 0 · Posted

    I have been trying to uninstall Nahimic 2 off my MSI gt62vr because it is broken and no longer showing a UI, and I figured this might fix it. It has been sitting at the first step for well over an hour at this point with no signs of changing. Short of going in and manually deleting the files (Which I am strongly considering doing) is there anything I should be able to do to get this process to move along? Screenshot below is what it's looked like since I started this endevour. 


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    Will there ever be support for Krait gaming motherboards?

    On the download page for Nahimic it says

    > Bla

    > Bla bla

    > Motherboards: Gaming series (except KRAIT)

    So I was wondering if there will ever be support for Krait mother boards?