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    How can i uninstall nahimic and use Realtek Audio manager

    abedhorani · 2 · Last reply by abedhorani


    Nahimic is  a great programm but Realtek audio manager gives me more options to adjust 

    i would like to uninstall nahimic and use only the Realtek audio manager.

    Please help .

    I have Realtek ALC 1220.

    thanks in advance

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    b350 gaming plus

    Yomamaass18 · 1 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    can i use nahimic with my b350 gaming plus motherboard made my msi?

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    nahimic will not work no matter what solutions exist

    willeh · 1 · Last reply by willeh

    currently running the latest version of windows 10, version 1703 ,OS build 15063.540.

    using latest realtek driver 8233,

    and latest version of nahimic 2.5.19.

    my mother board is a MSI b350 gaming pro carbon and either though im fully well aware that i need to install realtek before nahimc, nahimic WILL NOT launch its UI, iv tried reinstalling with anti virus and firewall dissabled, ive tried multiple compatibility settings, and ive tried combinations of older versions. but no matter what i simply cannot get this feature to function which was the whole point why i got this motherboard. 

    also to

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    Nahimic uninstalling issue on windows 10 pro

    Game Christan01 · 2 · Last reply by MJT

    I recentlyl upgrade my old mobo to MSI B250 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. I used the drivers supplied on the MSI website to update the Realtek/Nahimic audio. Initial install went fine but Nahimic simply does not functioning well and causing a lot of problems in my audio/recording components. I'll try to uninstall and reinstall it. During uninstall, a message pops up and says "Could no open key"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nahimic\Nahimic2. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personel." This causes the uninstall to fail. Please help me fix this problem. Thanks

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    Nahimic 2.5.16 Battleground Sound Tracker

    Madchery · 1 · Last reply by Chan Mars


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    MSI Z270M Mortar compatibility.

    Brandonphu · 0 · Posted

    I have a MSI Z270M Mortar motherboard. Is Nahimic software compatible with my motherboard? Using widnows 10 x64.

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    Why is nahimic not compatible with my system?

    Jake Walker · 0 · Posted

    I have an MSI mobo (h81m p33), yet when I attempt installation I'm informed that this software isnt compatible with my system.

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    error message

    Darktrain53 · 0 · Posted


    ı have a msi aegis ti computer.( ı am not good at pc.) ı use the nahimic 2,2,11. ı could open the nahimic 2-3 days ago but ı cant open it now . also ı use msi live update 6 and  she upgraded the realtek high definion audio last day after the upgrade ı want to use nahimic radar in h1z1 ı click the nahimic and  ı take a message from nahimic

    error message 

    nahimic 2 error on audio driver check please verify version of audio driver 

    how ı can solve the problem ? maybe ı uninstall the nahimic

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    my subwoofer sounds bad

    Arvind Kumar · 0 · Posted

     i'm using 2.1 speaker(2 speakers and 1 subwoofer) system which speakers sound good but my subwoofer sounds bad. both speakers connected to subwoofer by rca red white cable and my subwoofer connected to pc by 2 rca to 3.5mm at headphone there any solution?

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    my headset is detected as speakers !

    houssemSEN · 0 · Posted

    Hello Nahimic,

    Since i made the update of nahimic  to the latest version i noticed that my Headset (Headphones) are not detected as such but are recognized as "Speakers" and it has created a lot off issues while gaming with some impossible sounds to ear and also impossible for me to know exaclty where is the other guys in the Map.

    what should i do?

    PS: my Realtek audi manager won't open and when i plug the headset i have no window from realtek to show me the device i pluged.

    thank you.

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    How to display tracker when using ReShade for game

    Thandongnapt · 1 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    I using Reshade to improve quatity my game and after that gamplay cant display Tracker !

    Help me pls

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    MSI GS60 2PE can't install nahimic

    Hải Phạm · 0 · Posted

    i'm using msi gs60 2pe 3k edition but i cant install nahimic on my laptop. plz help me

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    GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro

    Hey there.

    I just try to stream on Twitch and have a real issue : When headphone is unplugged, Subwoofer is not routed through stereo mix and the sound quality is pretty bad.

    Is there a wey to just add the subwoofer to the stereo mix ?


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    how to uninstall?

    Krank · 0 · Posted

    I have been trying to uninstall Nahimic 2 off my MSI gt62vr because it is broken and no longer showing a UI, and I figured this might fix it. It has been sitting at the first step for well over an hour at this point with no signs of changing. Short of going in and manually deleting the files (Which I am strongly considering doing) is there anything I should be able to do to get this process to move along? Screenshot below is what it's looked like since I started this endevour. 


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    Why does Nahimic not support Bluetooth Headphones ?

    James · 1 · Last reply by CW Chien

    I got high end bluetooth headphones but Nahimic gets disabled as soon as I connect them to my laptop. It says it only supports wired headphones. Why is this not a feature ? It is a major inconvenience !

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    Why has speaker fill been removed/disabled on MSI Realtek audio manager with Nahimic 2?

    Fusion808 · 0 · Posted

    Why has speaker fill been removed/disabled on MSI Realtek audio manager with Nahimic 2? I have logitech X530 5.1 speaker setup, it worked perfectly with enhancement/speaker fill and 5.1 enabled and audio transmitted to all speakers at the same volume on the basic sound drivers (microsoft). This option is removed if installing Nahimic 2.5.12 package and realtek drivers from MSI. Virtual sound option on Nahimic 2 does not bring back the same fill effect and sounds terrible. The hardware obviously supports this option so it is a driver problem with Nahimic 2.
    Will a future update bring back this option?

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    Nahimic 2 Version

    OMF · 0 · Posted


    I want to download the latest Nahimic 2 form Nahimic website. However, the software version in nahimic website is 2.3 and the one in MSI website is version 2.5. Which one should I install? 

    I have MSI motherboard Z170A Gaming 5

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    Problem in installing Nahimic 2.3.20 with Realtek audio driver

    Moon · 2 · Last reply by erpsterc

    I can't install Nahimic 2.3.20 properly. 

    I got a message 'Installation could not proceed: The Realtek audio driver must be installed first.' when I tried to install Nahimic Nahimic 2.3.20, though I already installed Realtek audio driver which is acting normally.

    After re-installing Realtek audio driver, I could install Nahimic 2.3.20, but it seems that Nahimic was not installed properly, becaouse no shortcuts were created either on desktop or start menu, different from previous versions of Nahimic. And no response even though I click the tray icon of Nahimic.

    I tried installing various version of Realtek audio driver like 8158, 8169, and

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    Nahimic 2

    Ruslan Kuryatnikov · 1 · Last reply by Yomamaass18

    Hello. (MSI GE72 6QF) I had Nahimic 2 in the Task Bar but it didn't open. I unistalled it and then downloaded new Nahimic but it says "Installation could not proceed: The audio driver is obsolete. Please install the latest version of your audio driver". What shall i do?