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    My Msi realtek audio manager wont open, with driver Realtek driver 8269 and Nahimic 2.5.23, why?

    Carmelo Gugliotta · 0 · Posted

    after i did the update of driver and nahimic my Msi realtek audio manager dissapeared, pls Help me

    Update: I discover the error 

    realte crash because of this file NahimicAPONSControl.dll 

    I deleted it and now msi realtek audio manager work and also nahimic.

    But what is this file?

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    Unwanted executable for A-Volute_3D_Sound_Experts in ASUS Strix

    Eduardo Casillas · 7 · Last reply by Dejan Mrkaja

    I have an ASUS Strix laptop. Since the last friday, each time I boot it, the first thing Windows does when I start a session is ask for admin privileges to run "A-Volute_3D_Sound_Experts" located at C:\Program Files\ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC\SS2\UserInterface\SS2UILauncher.exe, apparently from a verified publisher.

    This is not a software I've downloaded or anything. So I press "No". Immediatly after that it shows another dialog requesting admin privileges to run "C:\Program Files\ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC\SS2\UserInterface\x64\SS2Svc64.exe", from an unknown publisher. I hit "No" again, and this last dialog appears 4 more times (5 in total).

    I've called ASUS guys and they say they

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    Why has speaker fill been removed/disabled on MSI Realtek audio manager with Nahimic 2?

    Fusion808 · 0 · Posted

    Why has speaker fill been removed/disabled on MSI Realtek audio manager with Nahimic 2? I have logitech X530 5.1 speaker setup, it worked perfectly with enhancement/speaker fill and 5.1 enabled and audio transmitted to all speakers at the same volume on the basic sound drivers (microsoft). This option is removed if installing Nahimic 2.5.12 package and realtek drivers from MSI. Virtual sound option on Nahimic 2 does not bring back the same fill effect and sounds terrible. The hardware obviously supports this option so it is a driver problem with Nahimic 2.
    Will a future update bring back this option?

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    How do i change or disable the keyboard shortcuts?

    osman tamburaci · 2 · Last reply by Orihalcon

    i am regularly using the shortcuts ctrl shift c and ctrl shift s and i dont want to switch on and of nahimic features. and couldnt find a way to disable them.