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    Why has speaker fill been removed/disabled on MSI Realtek audio manager with Nahimic 2?

    Fusion808 · 0 · Posted

    Why has speaker fill been removed/disabled on MSI Realtek audio manager with Nahimic 2? I have logitech X530 5.1 speaker setup, it worked perfectly with enhancement/speaker fill and 5.1 enabled and audio transmitted to all speakers at the same volume on the basic sound drivers (microsoft). This option is removed if installing Nahimic 2.5.12 package and realtek drivers from MSI. Virtual sound option on Nahimic 2 does not bring back the same fill effect and sounds terrible. The hardware obviously supports this option so it is a driver problem with Nahimic 2. Will a future update bring back this option?

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    Nahimic3 says "No Device"... help

    smk · 3 · Last reply by Krzysztof Wu

    I installed Nahimic from the Windows Store. (Formerly using nahimic2 +)

    Nahimic3 will say "No Device".


    I tried updating the Realtek sound driver but it was useless.

    My motherboard is MSI B360 GAMING PRO CARBON.

    What is the solution?

    And.. which is the latest version of Nahimic2 + 2.5.29 and Nahimic3 in the Windows Store?

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    Sound tracker ui won't appear

    Vincent · 3 · Last reply by Bhavin Shah

    I have sound tracker turned on and have 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound but the ui won't appear when I'm playing player unknowns battlegrounds is it because I am using reshade or is it something else

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    Download Links not working

    Chris Maglio · 3 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    Trying to download the latest Realtek and Nahimic as suggested plus also having trouble with low volume from my Hyper X Cloud II Headset on my MSI GT72VR.

    Please help. :o

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    Nahimic statement to upgradeabillity to Nahimic 3

    NoobAndProud · 4 · Last reply by LePiafRyan

    Really? As it was mentioned by me: it is possible to get UAD drivers running on those systems if I disable signed drivers (to get my modified version running) and just adding the proper device id in the installer of the driver and your addons. Funny or not, that's what Rivet (aka. Killer Networking) is doing. They updated their driver and software to comply to UWP and still their software and my system is running fine. I tested around with your driver and funny or not UAD/UWP is not the issue. Just your time management and (as it seems)

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    Unwanted executable for A-Volute_3D_Sound_Experts in ASUS Strix

    Eduardo Casillas · 7 · Last reply by Logan281

    I have an ASUS Strix laptop. Since the last friday, each time I boot it, the first thing Windows does when I start a session is ask for admin privileges to run "A-Volute_3D_Sound_Experts" located at C:\Program Files\ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC\SS2\UserInterface\SS2UILauncher.exe, apparently from a verified publisher.

    This is not a software I've downloaded or anything. So I press "No". Immediatly after that it shows another dialog requesting admin privileges to run "C:\Program Files\ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC\SS2\UserInterface\x64\SS2Svc64.exe", from an unknown publisher. I hit "No" again, and this last dialog appears 4 more times (5 in total).

    I've called ASUS guys and they say they

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    Can't install Nahimic

    Nodscene · 3 · Last reply by Burhan Çavus

    I've tried installing the two latest version but can't get anything to install. Each time I've uninstalled both the realtech driver and rebooted then try to install Nahimic. When it hung the first time I read that the old version of Nahimic. I went through uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times now without success. Tried using your recommended uninstaller but it doesn't even find the program. When trying the latest version 2.3.12 I get an error code 2753. When I try version 8 it says a newer version is installed. I've used CCleaner and manually gone through the registry to remove any

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    Nahmic Doesnt Switch between internal speaker and headset

    The Darker · 1 · Last reply by The Darker

    I have Audio Technica ATH-M40x, I have noticed when installing the latest drivers from nahmic website that nahmic software doenst switch to headset, it stays as interneal speaker, this wasnt an issue with previous updates from msi!

    Is this new feature?

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    Nahimic audio effects

    klobco · 6 · Last reply by MrcuddleBear

    Hello I recently reinstal all my audio drivers I have MSI GP72 6QF Leopard Pro and I download my audio driver from MSI site and when I install it with nahimic, the audio effects in nahimic are not working can you please help me?

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    Will there be support for the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Azrah · 8 · Last reply by Rainike 45

    I would love to play this game but being deaf in one ear leads to me spinning in circles looking for shooters and your sound tracker app would help me out tremendously. 

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    Uninstalled and reinstalled Nahimic - why is my sound so light / soft now?

    Crystal · 0 · Posted

    I was having problems with Nahimic, no matter what I did I could not get the application to open. So I uninstalled it, and when I did that the sound became super soft on my laptop (It used to be blaring around level 8-10 and now I need it turned up into the 80's or 90's to get to a point that I can hear it moderately). I reinstalled Nahimic 2 hoping that would fix it but everything is still super soft on sound. Is there a specific setting within the application that needs to be changed so I can

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    What is the best setup for dota 2 and listening music ?

    Mete · 2 · Last reply by Mete

    Hello, recently i got a MSI GE62VR 7RF gaming laptop which comes with Nahimic Version 2.Actually i can't call it is a problem but it annoys me a lot.Maybe i can't making the right setups but one way or other i don't satisfying with this way of usage.

    I'm playing Dota 2 for hours in a day and listening music almost every minute when pc is on.Besides i'm not a sound expert or i don't have any technical knowledge about sound but even without these skills i can say there is something wrong.

    The first thing is about music, i

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    GS65 - How to install Nahimic 2.5.29?

    Pjetro · 2 · Last reply by erpsterc


    I had to reinstall my MSI GS65 and now I can't install Nahimic 2.5.29. I am trying to install packages from this link:

    But I am still getting this error:

    --------------------------- Error --------------------------- Installation could not proceed: this machine is not compatible with our audio software. --------------------------- OK ---------------------------

    Can you help me, please?

    Thank you.

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    So how are older laptops supported with updates from nahimic?

    NoobAndProud · 0 · Posted

    I read the list about supported laptops, desktops, and mainboards and as it seems my GT72-2QD (5GEN) is not supported.

    My question in particular is what other users of unsupported devices are beeing treated with updates, because as of now the newest nahimic2+ still has too much errors.

    Is Nahimics development now splitted in newer and older devices or is everyone owning an older model just fudged because Nahimic3 doesn't work on those devices and nahimic2+ just is left for dying (unusable and full of errors).

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    Low speaker sound on 2.5.29

    Loucky · 0 · Posted

    Hi support team,

    I think this is a repetive topic but the sound on my GE62VR 7RF Apache pro is very low, even at 100%.

    Many times I've uninstall and reinstall the software but there is no change.

    Have you a solution for this problem? This is really annoying ;(


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    nahimic will not work no matter what solutions exist

    willeh · 2 · Last reply by willeh

    currently running the latest version of windows 10, version 1703 ,OS build 15063.540.

    using latest realtek driver 8233,

    and latest version of nahimic 2.5.19.

    my mother board is a MSI b350 gaming pro carbon and either though im fully well aware that i need to install realtek before nahimc, nahimic WILL NOT launch its UI, iv tried reinstalling with anti virus and firewall dissabled, ive tried multiple compatibility settings, and ive tried combinations of older versions. but no matter what i simply cannot get this feature to function which was the whole point why i got this motherboard. 

    also to

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    Unable to install Nahimic

    Eric · 4 · Last reply by mustafa yeniçeri

    I am trying to reinstall Nahimic but when I do, I get a popup saying "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."  Verify that you have access to the ProgramData: Nahimic2CheckDevicesConfigurator.msi location and try again.

    Followed by another popup saying, "The older version of CheckDevicesConfigurator cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group."

    I've already uninstalled Nahimic, it no longer shows on my programs list. When I try clearing out temp and cache files, I get the same error.

    I have already installed the latest audio driver. 

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    User Account Control asks permission

    1000cameras . · 1 · Last reply by Ryan Yule


    Every time I launch my MSI GT72S I get a warning window from the Windows10 User Account Control with the question "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device" It is for A-Volute_3D_Sound_Experts from verified publisher A-Volute. I have tried to lower the UAC settings with 1 step (which is not recommended) but also this does not solve the problem. Anybody who could give me good advise "HOW" ?

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    Installation doest't work

    Keith Lee · 1 · Last reply by erpsterc


    I had updated my motherboard to lastest version.

    And I tried to install Nahimic but I never use it before.

    But it seems doesn't work because it always showed the device is not supported or related info.

    My motherboard is B85-G43 gaming.

    Does Nahimic support this one?

    If not, which one I suppose to use?

    Thanks for your helpe.