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    Rant about Problems and work of Nahimic.

    NoobAndProud · 2 · Last reply by NoobAndProud

    I gave every possible solution a shot but still Nahimic isn't something that I would recommend even to my most hated individuals.

    Software feels unresponsive and loading times/opening it up is a nightmare. The Nahimic Enhancements cuts out on Firefox HTML5 content even after months of "working together with Firefox to fix it ASAP". The problem with sound forces me to choose/use another browser for HTML5 content (Youtube in my case) which is nothing to be taken lightly.

    Latest version synchronises MSI version with the original (why where these separated at all).

    Nahimic crashes several audio/-visual softwares (as it seems

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    Nahimic causes sound problems

    jay · 6 · Last reply by Andras Ho

    Hi, i'm on a laptop MSI GE72 6QF Apache Pro, running Windows 10.

    The sound in videogames is crackling and making the whole computer slower for a second. I tried everything but notjing seems to be working so far

    - The sound doesn't crack if i intall Realtek alone but it's just shitty

    - Realtek panel is not working anymore nor appears in Windows Control panel, unless i install an older version like 2.76. But in that case, Nahimic wont instal because Realtek is too old.

    - i tried Nahimic 2.3.0 and 2.3.7, same problem

    - everything else is updated, nvidia,

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    Audio jack not working

    Hello, my earphones don't work after the newest Nahimic update.

    Can you help me??

    I attached all relevant information to the problem.


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    Problems with Nahimic3 /GE73 Raider RGB 8RF

    Ramzes Abramovich · 0 · Posted

    Hello, laptop GE73 Raider RGB 8RF, does not work nahimic3, gives this message: "NAHIMIC3 can not be used .your audio driver is not updated or the system is incompatible." But the sound drivers are updated- "sound driver version:". Windows10 home Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134 . Help please, in advance thank you ))

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    Nahimic interferes with Geforce Experience Share funcionality

    MrTZ · 1 · Last reply by Rodrigo González


    Since I updated from 2.3.12, recording gameplay with Geforce Experience results in having videos with no sound whatsoever.

    Uninstalling Nahimic or rolling back solves the issue.

    I'd be satisfied with that if I didn't like Nahimic's microphone tuning features, which I do.

    Please solve this.

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    Nahimic 2+ doesn't work anymore

    Mantassz · 4 · Last reply by ITElite

    I have Realtek and nahimic 2.5.31. Tried doin clean fresh instal. First audio drivers then nahimic and it still doesn't work. The app loads and everything, but the changes you make doesnt take effect at all. Problems started from today not to mention all the firefox crap. Im really dissapointed in nahimic, you making me not to purchase any of your products anymore and forget bout msi. I don't really know if it's the way to cut off old motherboards so people would go to from 7th gen cpus to 8th or what. Oh man you makin me mad

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    nahimic2svc32.exe the exception unknown (0xe06d7363) occured in application at location 0x00000000775F09B2

    Dragisx · 5 · Last reply by brantacc

    This is giving me HUGE keyboard lag and it's really annoying me right now. It happens from time to time when I play overwatch. I need a solution for this error.

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    windows 10 creators update, can't use nahimic Please fix

    winwin94 · 2 · Last reply by erpsterc

    my laptop msi ge72 6qf i'm have some problem as windows 10 new update "windows 10 creator" make nanimic can't working. I have installed realtek all version 8053 8059 8083 and windows update but, it will have dolby audio install with realtek all version(see picture attachments). It is the cause of nahimic can't use. PLEASE fix this problem. i can uninstall Dolby but after that it cant use nahimic and i uninstalled nahimic too then, reinstall it can't use nahmic i try to adjust nahimic options, it's still the same result. thanks you sorry my english is bad.

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    I can't install nahimic 2

    Emanuele Rapisarda · 4 · Last reply by Alessandro

    I have already installed the realtek hd audio driver but nahimic show me this error.

    What can i do?

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    Sound tracker makes me lag in PUBG, my spec is GP 72M 7REX. FPS is decreasing much when I active sound tracker, can u improve the performance

    Sound tracker makes me lag in PUBG, my spec is GP 72M 7REX. 

    FPS is decreasing much when I active sound tracker, can u improve the performance

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    Massive nahimicsvc32.exe cpu usage during league of legends

    charlie pugh · 2 · Last reply by Bailuff

    in league of legends, and only league of legends, nahimicsvc32 spikes cpu usage upto 80%-100%, causing massive temp spikes and noise. Interestingly, the league client is using almost no cpu, so its like nahimicsvc32 is taking over

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    Nahimic no se puede utilizar, Nahimic can not be used

    Yulian David · 4 · Last reply by Yulian David

    Hola cordial saludo tengo Nahimic3 y hace unos dias no quiere funcionar, aparece un letrero diciendo:

    Hello, my best regards, I have Nahimic 3 and a few days ago it does not want to work. A sign appears saying:

    Nahimic no se puede utilizar. Su controlador de audio no está actualizado o su sistema no es compatible.

    Nahimic can not be used. Your audio driver is not updated or your system is not compatible.

    Pero, tanto mi SO (Windows 10 1809) como el driver de Realtek Audio esta actualizado a fecha de hoy, dejo las capturas que lo prueban.


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    Problem recording game footage (Bandicam, Fraps, Mirillis, Dxtory,...)

    elkasei · 2 · Last reply by Amais

    Hello, I have to add more info on game recorders not working properly. It's a thing I use almost every day and it annoys and also suprises me that gaming laptops with Nahimic has these problems.

    Bandicam - if I record DirectX only application, I get error that there was a problem recording audio and it won't record anything. If I record full screen, it records everything, but sound is absolutely unusable (extra bad quality)

    Fraps - records videos but with no sound

    Mirillis Action - crashes when you try to record audio+video with Nahimic running

    Dxtory - always-on-top framerate

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    Nahimic v1.2.6 (28 November 2018) Lagging On Spotify & MPC-HC

    Yogendra Ratre · 1 · Last reply by erpsterc

    Windows 10 Pro x64 - 1809  OS Build - 17763.134

    MPC-HC - When playing a media file in MPC-HC (1.7.13 64-bit) it's lagging (Both Audio & Video) for 5-8 Seconds with black screen at the start and also when loading subtitle file.

    SPOTIFY - When playing a song on Spotify (Windows Store version) it doesn't play the audio even though the spotify seekbar is showing that the song is playing.

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    Nahimic 2 crashing

    Chris · 2 · Last reply by Salzian

    When i have Discord running, Nahimic 2 tends to crash at times. This occurs when i have someone message me on discord. I have the latest drivers from Realtek as well as the latest Nahimic 2 software for my MSI laptop. 

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    nahimic kill my fps and get stutters in overwatch/pubg

    Filipp · 4 · Last reply by mahyar mahdinia

    I all time update my drivers and bios to last versions, but nahimic every time kill my fps like 30-50% and get stutters.

    I have msi z170a gaming m7 and 6700k 1 year and nahimic still have garbage quality.

    I all time need close nahimic for remove fps drops and stutters.


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    NahimicSvc32 100% cpu usage

    troy · 3 · Last reply by Rooney Usui

    MSI GP63 laptop

    I play League of Legends for a weeks and its ok, but then yesterday it starts to lag and i check the CPU usage runs 100%. I found out it is NahimicSvc32 that cause the problem, so i try to uninstall Nahimic from my laptop, but the problem still there, NahimicSvc32 keep popping out. How to solve this?  

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    Nahimic 2 will not open and will not work after Windows 10 anniversary update

    Mary Joy Taneo · 4 · Last reply by amer ikhram

    good day!

    I recently bought my MSI laptop, and the very same day Windows automatically updated my OS with its anniversary update. After that, the sound coming from my laptop sounds horrible. whenever I try to fix it using Nahimic, Nahimic won't open. 

    Pls send help

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    Cannot uninstall Nahimic 2+

    Michaeldao · 2 · Last reply by Gregg

    My Nahimic 2+ is not working. I see it in the system tray, and when I try to open it. It does nothing for 10 seconds then crashes. I tried to uninstall it and when I do I get this message. "

    Could not open key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nahimic\Nahimic2. Very that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel

    " Can you help me remove it?