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    Nahimic 2 Audio effects not working

    Ashveen Impett · 4 · Last reply by Ashveen Impett


    I recently uninstalled Realtek Audio Driver and Nahimic 2.5.17 because when I play Rainbow Six SIege for about 20mins my audio driver crashes and my mic too but in 2-3mins the sounds are back and again after 5-7mins the audio driver crashes. So, I installed the latest Realtek driver with Nahimic 2.5.17 but now I get a different bug where the Nahimic audio effects (Movie, shooter, music etc) do not work and there's no difference in any of the effects when I watch a movie or listen to music. I tried installing the newer versions of Nahimic and

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    Rainmeter visualization + Nahimic

    Evgeniy Stan · 0 · Posted

    Why you didn't react to problem when Nahimic exclusively uses audio that cause Rainmeter audio visualization plugin failure?

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    падение fps в игре World of Tanks

    Доброго времени суток! При использовании вашей программы nahimic в игре WoT происходит падение fps и торможение картинки. После отключения программы все стабилизируется, игра идет нормально. Данную проблему наблюдаю давно, уже не первый год. Всё не было желания вам писать, но эта проблема уже настолько мне надоела, что терпение мое иссякло. Вот конфигурация моего компьютера: 

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    No microphone inputs working

    golyalpha · 0 · Posted

    I have an MSI laptop with Nahimic 2+ installed. When I open the Nahimic control panel's mic tab, I see this:

    When I click any option, this dialog shows up:

    And when I confirm it, the tab doesn't change. Apps can't use the mic at all, and when I use audacity, I get the "Error opening sound device" error. Notes: When I use the loopback function in Windows to listen to the mic, I can hear it just fine. This affects all microphones connected to my laptop, even those not supported by Nahimic (The mic in my USB headset doesn't

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    I still have cracking sound when playing a game or or talking with my friends in TS3

    Andrii · 1 · Last reply by Nahimic Support


    hotfix is released, but I still have cracking sound when playing a game or talking with my friends in TS3.

    I've tried using everything that was described on MSI forums and Nahimic FB page, but i didn't help.

    Maybe you can help me

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    Nahimic 3 Sound Tarcker doesn't work

    Heart Htemotion · 0 · Posted

    MSI GL63 8RC laptop

    Windows 10 Version 17134

    After finished installation, Sound Tracker doesn't display in screen.

    I upgrade Windows update, Realtek Audio update.

    How to make to need? or System error? Please reply me!

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    Virtual surround doesnt do anything after update. When i subit a ticket, I get a reply in some other language. what is going on here?

    Hondapowersr · 3 · Last reply by Carmelo Gugliotta

    This has got to be a joke. I even sent a ticket requesting to be replied to in english. Yet they still reply in some other language

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    Please Help Me

    Muhammad Imronee · 1 · Last reply by Janitha

    When i open nahimic app, it shows (Nahimic effects cannot be applied) and below that it shows button 'Activate' and ;'No Thanks' button.. The problem is 'Activate button cannot click while 'No Thanks' button can click. Also said to activate one the available devices below to get nahimic effects back. As I said 'Activate' button cannot be click. How to solve this problem, sir?

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    my nahimic 3 said "effect cant be applied" need to enabled my default device . iam using sennheiser g350sp.

    balanar blue · 0 · Posted

    my nahimic 3 said "effect cant be applied" need to enabled my default device . iam using sennheiser g350sp.i have set my sennheiser to default device.

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    Nahimic 3 can not find an audio device

    anonymized · 1 · Last reply by Gaming For Noobs

    I downloaded Nahimic 3 on the Microsoft Store but it does not find any of my audio device nor my microphone nor my speakers nor my headphones while my devices are up to date and have no problem