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    Nahimic 2+ doesn't work anymore

    Mantassz · 4 · Last reply by ITElite

    I have Realtek and nahimic 2.5.31. Tried doin clean fresh instal. First audio drivers then nahimic and it still doesn't work. The app loads and everything, but the changes you make doesnt take effect at all. Problems started from today not to mention all the firefox crap. Im really dissapointed in nahimic, you making me not to purchase any of your products anymore and forget bout msi. I don't really know if it's the way to cut off old motherboards so people would go to from 7th gen cpus to 8th or what. Oh man you makin me mad

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    Nahimic3 can't save the settings

    Kazfyx · 1 · Last reply by Kazfyx

    Nahimic can't remember the preferred audio mode. If I choose an audio profile (such as Gaming) and restart my laptop, it will always go back to Music profile. And the microphone effects also can't be saved. If I turn on Lateral Sound Cancellation in Chat profile, then switch to Conference profile and turn off Lateral Sound Cancellation, at last switch back to Chat profile, the Lateral Sound Cancellation is still off. I didn't have this problem before version 1.2.6.

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    Volume Stabilizer no longer working

    Steven S. · 0 · Posted

    Everytime I try to log into any game, I noticed that the Nahimic volume stabilizer setting for optimizing my headphones is no longer producing any aubible difference. I turned the Volume Stabilizer off then on repeatedly to make sure, and I was right. My sound is still too shallow and soft. I did not have this problem in version 1.2.5. I'm using the Corsair HS60 Surround Sound Headphones and my computer is the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RF. 

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    Response to Nahimics' invalid reason against backwards compat UAD.

    William Pickard · 0 · Posted

    Let me just say, I'm displeased with how Nahimic is handling it's support for Universal Drivers. Their reason against it is hogwash at best because both Killer Networking and now Intel are both supporting Universal Drivers with full backwards compatibility with older hardware with zero issues and instability.

    Just recently I updated my Intel HD Graphics drivers for my GP72 6QF(Leopard Pro) to the latest provided by Intel, and the version installed is the new DHC drivers complete with a Microsoft Store distributed Intel HD Graphics control panel. No problems arrise from upgrading the drivers from legacy to universal.

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    Nahimic crashing Wallpaper Engine and blocking WASAPI audio recording

    Kristjan · 0 · Posted


    I am the developer of Wallpaper Engine on Steam ( ). Nahimic is an application injecting DLL hooks that make Wallpaper Engine crash and bug, leaving our customers puzzled about what's wrong. There doesn't seem to be a way for them to configure Nahimic so that it can be running without breaking Wallpaper Engine.

    Please exclude Wallpaper Engine from your hooks: the audio hook which breaks WASAPI loopback recording and the OSD hook which makes the whole program crash. I don't think it is beneficial to have them here, since Wallpaper Engine is always running in the background. So