• Love Nahemic 3 <3<3<3

    Gaming Char · 0 · Posted

    Hi Nahimic team,

    I just want to let you all know you did a excelent job with nahemic 3. It runs great on a MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon with Realtek 8468 driver.

    I used to run nahemic 2+ downloaded via the site, but now i downloaded it from the Microsoft store. It also looks great and professional. 

    Love the sound quality !! Thanks and keep it up.

  • Realtek High Defintion Audio Build 8467 Confirmed to be working with Nahimic 2

    Nahimic 2+ 2.5.29 tested to be working with Realtek High Defintion Audio Build 8467. It can be downloaded here below:

    Nahimic 3 doesn't work with my motherboard (yet). Tested on 17-6-2018.

    Tested by: ~Woona

  • Nahimic 3

    Janitha · 0 · Posted

    Virtual Surround sound of Nahimic 3 is surprisingly accurate. Also quality of sound is pretty awesome. Great job Nahimic.

  • excellent tool on msi gt80

    Yasir Azam · 0 · Posted

    Excellent tool on msi gt80!

  • Praise section : rules

    Nahimic Support · 0 · Posted

    You like Nahimic and you want to show us how you are using our technology? Share it here :D

    This section aims to let you submit your contributions about Nahimic. It can be a video of your plays, your EQ settings, your favorite Launchpad's sounds,...

    We are looking for your contributions!

    Thank you !

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