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    Please add an auto-updater. Or at least an "New Update" notification to the application

    Hello , it would be really helpful if Nahimic would auto update, or if at least it had a new update available notification system :)

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    Shortcut to change audio profile

    Thomas van Vugt · 8 · Last reply by Roger Lee

    Just like the title says, a shutcut (something like CRTL + P) to change the audio profile. This could be very useful when switching games, or when done watching a movie and then firing up a game. A nice box with the profile that shows up would be appreciated.

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    Use the Enter Key to switch sound profiles when a device is plugged in

    Peter Zwyth · 4 · Last reply by Peter Zwyth

    When the dialogue box pops up when plugging in headphones or some device into the headphone port, I wish I could hit 'Enter' in order to select the device. I don't like being required to click on the 'OK' button to select the output. 

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    Support for 7.1.4 surround (X.X.4 means height implantation for virtual surround)

     My purpose is increase the experience of Nahimic with height implantation for 3d games like Battlefield series  and For Honor.     İ came this request after reading Windows Spatial Sound For Headphones article in they says that they can add more channel if they want to so i thougth Nahimic team can do it either.   Thanks for reading& sorry for bad english.

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    Automatic update check or install

    I've been running the Nahimic drivers since I got my MSI laptop over 2 years ago, but I've never seen the software offer an automatic update.

    Therefor, I would like to suggest an automatic update feature to be added to the software that checks for updates on something like weekly basis, or even daily about 10 minutes after the system has started.

    For the update dialogue, push a system notification to the windows action centre and add something like a red ! to the Nahimic icon to indicate an update is available.

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    add dst to the application and more settings options like a custom eq

    Redkurn · 1 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    make the application better, dts 7.1 and adjustable eq with custom profiles, the virtual surround doesn't work very well at all.


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    Nahimic 3 with EQ

    Amon-Ra · 0 · Posted

    Please give N3 what it needs: EQ settings. 

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    USB Audio Support

    Nick Winchell · 1 · Last reply by Michael Trinh

    I've read why Nahimic doesn't support USB audio but if it would be possible to override the USB audio software and use Nahimic as the primary audio controller for USB it would be great.  For example, the USB audio software that you download for Razer headsets doesn't compare to those audio options that Nahimic provides such as one touch settings for games, movies or music.  The output when using Nahimic through built-in speakers sounds far superior over a 7.1 razor headset.  I believe if you could use Nahimic with the USB 7.1 Razer headset it would be best of both

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    Need to allow separating output devices!

    Elimviolinist · 0 · Posted

    Whenever I plug in my earphones, the audio manager detects it but does not do anything. Regularly, I have my speakers on 40 volume, but that on my earphones is deafening. Also, my speakers and earphones have totally different levels of bass, so it would be very helpful if I could set different profiles for each, instead of having to swap manually every time. But otherwise the software is great! It greatly improves sound quality and my voice is very clear on my mic. Thanks for the great work!

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    Getting rid of Nahimic to bring back Realtek HD Audio Manager (MSI-branded)

    NoobAndProud · 4 · Last reply by NoobAndProud

    As it seems the updates came to a stop, cause Nahimic doesn't know how to properly work out their problems, here is a little help to configure your PC to use the MSI branded Realtek HD Audio Manager instead: Tested working on: MSI Z370 Pro Carbon Motherboard on Windows 10 1709 (16299.248) Testing it next on: MSI GT72-2QD 5GEN Laptop and report it here. Completely uninstall Nahimic and the Realtek HD Audio driver. Reboot Download newest Driver package either from here or MSI. You don't need to download Nahimic Setup files. Install the Realtek HD Audio Driver from the Setup.exe

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    Equalizer Configuration

    Damian Ramirez · 0 · Posted

    When I want to modify the dB levels of the equalizer, besides it say for example your on +6 or -6, its aactually like +6.1 6.2 6.3, like decimals, its really annoying because the equalizer has high impact. So  would be great to have the equalizer with more balanced audio, try to remove the sliding configuration for a more specific number, like those android equalizer apps when you set the equalizer it automatic put that number, another suggest would be an option like insert your number instead, as well.

    By the way, issues and audio downgrade after fall creators Update.

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    Sound Mixer

    Sebastian Zeisele · 0 · Posted

    Maybe including a sound-mixer like steelseries one have.

    So you can manually balance the sound between two sources (games/chat).

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    Ideas section : rules

    Nahimic Support · 0 · Posted

    You like Nahimic and you want to help us improve the technology ? Submit your ideas ! 

    This section aims to let you submit your ideas about Nahimic.

    Before you post any new topic, please make sure your idea has not already been submitted on the forum. For this, you can use the search bar. Also, when you begin creating a new topic, when you type a title, all similar posts will appear, which will let you know if your idea has already been submitted  If your idea is new, then feel free to push the "Continue posting" button!

    Thank you ! 

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    Add the function to choose the audio output exit of all applications separately.

    Oliver Link · 1 · Last reply by Oliver Link

    it would be great to have the opportunity to select the output device for applications. For example TeamSpeak on the headset and browser on my speakers

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    I want to separate sound profile between internal speaker and headphone to use difference sound Profile.

    Mit Sanbua · 0 · Posted

    because when I used my headphone, I must turn off/change my profile setting every time I used my headphone. (I'm tune my internal speaker to get very supreme mega bass on my internal subwoofer that can't use same profile with my headphone)

    Thank you for take care my idea.

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    Set different profiles for different applications.

    Sploder Sam · 0 · Posted

    1st: it is annoying to change the profile when I'm going to watch a movie, play a game, etc. If I could set a default for chrome, VLC, my games, etc. that would be great.

    2nd: I love to play soundtracks behind recorded lecture videos. If I could separately adjust the MusicBee settings and the VLC settings and have one enhancing voice and leveling volume while the other enhanced other things that would be A+, though understandably harder.

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    Linux support

    Amosar . · 0 · Posted

    Hi, I have discover your software when I have install windows to do some test on my computer and I have discover your software. I fond the interface and the application good to manage the audio. But I have see that you don't support linux :(

    My MSI support nahimic but I can't use it because you don't support this OS. Do you have any plan to support linux in the futur?

    If you want the help if the community you can ask website like phoronix to promot it or make it opensource on linux to have more support.


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    Nahimic 2+ where is S/PDIF 5.1 Effect only Stereo Effect PLZ Add 5.1 Channel for surround Sound

    GAutam Kumar · 2 · Last reply by Adan Castro

    Nahimic 2+ where is S/PDIF 5.1 Effect only Stereo Effect PLZ Add 5.1 Channel for surround Sound

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    Nahimic 3 works on GT72-2QD (5GEN) — UNSUPPORTED DEVICE

    NoobAndProud · 2 · Last reply by Nahimic Support

    With a little bit of changes here and there, who would have thought, nahimic 3 (UWP-App) works on an unsupported devices.

    Thanks for nothing as this might be just pure ignorance of the Nahimic dev team.

    The only thing that is in my mind now is: F€&% you Nahimic for trolling and lying to not your "customers" but users who are forced to use your application with MSI-products.