Nahimic hotfix is available!

Autumn is coming like our hotfix! We worked with Realtek to reduce the "cracking" noises issue.

The newest Windows update has brought an issue for several users, to fix this problem, please uninstall Realtek and Nahimic. You can click here to find our process.

In order to avoid any loud noise side effect coming from CPU over consumption, typically on i5 processors, Nahimic implements a new feature allowing to stop applying audio effects over new opening audio streams if a already overloaded CPU is detected.

Nahimic audio effects will be applied on new audio streams as soon as CPU is not overloaded anymore.

Click here to open the download link

3 replies

Could you please upload a new link?! really need this fix

Hi, the download link is dead please can u fix it ?

And i already follow the process u linked and i still got the same problem ... ( Loud noise, saturation sound )

download link dead =(

do u resolved ur problem ?