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at least when you change from 48 to 192hz something happens. mine is not working at all.



I have the same poping/crackling ever like min for just a sec.  I use SPDIF out to a DAC.  I have the latest drivers from MSI.  I need this fix if i going to keep using this software. MSI GE62 6QD Apache Pro 

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thank you, just an input. it happens when I start a game e.g. The division. then immediately fps low and crackling noise. if i make it 48khz 24bit then crackle gone but sound become muffler or the base is just like I'm playing it via a can or something! 

I can conform the same problem!!! 

Windows 7 64x

GT80 2QE

Audio driver:

У меня Nahimic 2.3.4, вроде он последний, но проблему не решает.

я имею в виду который выйдет.

На новой версии вроде бы должны исправить,у меня такой же ноут.