i cant install nahimic 2.3.4

I had Nahimic for Msi and its music section didnt work. Then i thought that there should be an uptdate for my app and i found the update file. I updated realtek to 6.0.1 then started the update nahimic 2.3.4 and it reported me that the installation has failed. Then i looked this site for my problem and saw this link


i thought maybe that kind of a problem is my update problem. I ve done this steps and installed realtek again. Then i started nahimic 2.3.4 installation again and I am still taking this problem. 


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any solutions ? i got the same problem too, msi gp62 sounds too bad without nahimic :(

Any update on this OP? I am having the same exact issue

Where i find the installation package for nahimic 2 ?