Use the Enter Key to switch sound profiles when a device is plugged in

When the dialogue box pops up when plugging in headphones or some device into the headphone port, I wish I could hit 'Enter' in order to select the device. I don't like being required to click on the 'OK' button to select the output. 

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This pop up is managed by Realtek but we have sent the request :)

Any response from Realtek? I just updated to the latest version available on MSI's website (Nahimic 2.3.15 and Audio driver and it doesn't seem to work yet. 


I have performed two audio driver and Nahimic upgrades, but my idea has not been implemented. Is there any update on that as a possibility?


Hello Peter, can you tell me your model ?

It's an Msi Ge62 apache pro 6qd.