i have msi gaming laptop and nahimic is causing my frame rate FPS to drop. which makes the software useless to me.

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my fps drops with nahimic were with an older version of nahimic and with my 970M. now i have newer version of nahimic and 1060m gpu and im not seeing any fps difference this time with nahimic running or not running with the same game. before i was getting a 7fps drop i think with nahimic running


i just right click exit nahamic whenever i game now. just in case. ever since i noticed it was dropping my fps in a game i was playing before. you'd think nahamic and msi would be more careful about putting software on their gaming computers that reduces fps. 

yea but nahimic having potencial but need somes good coders and debuggers... but dude i see that your latest post was 7 month ago, i hope you had this nahimic uninstalled :P

Hi, i challenge you to do an ultimate test.... reinstall all 'bloatware' from msi factory and norton of course... right after do somes test on at least 3 games that you get fps drop, then go for a nahimic uninstall but keep all remaining bloatware :P i spent a day long to investigate and to dig into my new msi 970a gaming pro carbon motherboard config, drivers and softwares.. no doubt that if i remove the nahimic i got stable 120fps in world of tanks (the game is lock to 120) and with nahimic installed i got sometime 100 but 70-80 in avg and with drop to 60 almost every 20sec :P hope it could help someone


i hope you guys will fix that issue... i'll play around with a fresh stock asio to see if i got latency, yea i'm a guitar player too :P i seriously hope that nahimic team will fix that asap to bring us back all the potencial of our hardware and sound experience, in fact the sound is awsome but from now the blaotware to me is nahimic no doubt, sorry


ps: yea i got the latest audio drivers and i've installl these driver before installing the latest nahimic soft.


and for users reading this post... you don't have to install all 'bloatware' from msi to fix the problem... it was an example for testing purpose, did you guys thinking how it could impact users experience from buyers of new rig from msi with preinstalled nahimic software :) they all got at least drop from 20 to half of the overall fps that they can get with their hardware


btw, msi build strong hardware but all of their softwares are good looking for the eye and marketing purpose but in real life their softwares are not working properly or useless or not supported by most of games.

msi command center: the most important sofware for a real gamer that want to do a fast oc or a minor voltage adjustement but crash video driver after an oc, even if voltages are well know to work properly, you can set the same frequency in amd overdrive but it will not crash the video driver,

msi gaming app: only good to set color of a led strip, all other setting could kill my oc so i don't touch:P

dragon eye: a nice feature but doesn't work with all game, i think there's 20 games supported wich i won't play :P

msi gaming lan manager: seem to work:P

msi usb speed up: i can see any difference of speed transfer on a usb 3.0

msi fast boot: work fine

With the last version, FPS down for me too. 60 fps closing the software, 30-40 with it open... thinking about unnistall it...


high fps is the most important thing to pc gamers. any software that lowers fps even by 1 will never be used by gamers


Hi everyone, We are waiting the new Realtek version to fix the problem, normally this week, stay tune ! 

I have the same problem of drope fps.