Nahimic 2.3.1 is released !

Even during the holidays, we are still trying to improve your Nahimic experience ! 

Don't forget to install or update Realtek before you install Nahimic.


- Improved Chinese translations

- The Smart Loudness's combobox is now tranlated in all languages

- All sample rates are now available in the Device Properties panel

- HD Audio Recorder's pop-up has now a Nahimic 2 style design

- Smart Loudness is now Balanced as default

Bug Fixes


- Beamforming state is correctly updated when switching tabs and plugging/unplugging devices
- Sound Tracker's test sound stops playing after UI is shut

- HD Audio Recorder texts are not cut anymore on page 2
- HD Audio Recorder's pop-up appears correctly after launching a second recording

- HD Audio Recorder pop-up does not appear anymore when the recording is stopped (only when it's launched)

- HD Audio Recorder does not turn OFF to ON the effects anymore when the recording is stopped

Known Issues 

- On some models and some games (i.e.: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Counter Strike : Global Offensive,..), users noticed loud noises when Nahimic is launched. If you face this problem, switching off the Reverb audio effect allows to lower down the issue. We are working on an improvement regarding this.

Helprace : your new support platform 

Nahimic keeps growing and we decided to launch this platform to help in your Nahimic experience. 
It's really important for us to create a place where when can communicate with you and Nahimic's users can help each other and share their own experience to improve our software.

Thank you a lot for your interest ! :D