Win 10 audio update broke Nahimic

Running a MSI GT75 Titan 8RG.  A recent Windows 10 audio driver update made it so nahimic doesnt work at all anymore.  The audio effects didnt do anything so i uninstalled nahimic but when trying to reinstall, i just get a loading screen and then the program closes.

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check the contents of the C:\ProgramData\A-volute\ folder in Windows Explorer (make sure to make File Explorer show "hidden and system files" as the ProgramData folder is usually hidden by default.  there should be the following folders:



There should be an A-volute.Nahimic.zip file stored in the Archives folder

I kinda stumbled onto this but missing files & folders from that \A-volute\ folder that were not created during install of Nahimic 3 app may cause the app to show "loading" for several seconds and then close as I have experienced this myself.  I had to use a file archiving tool like 7zip to open that A-volute.Nahimic.zip file to manually extract the files & folders inside onto the \ProgramData\A-volute\A-volute.Nahimic\ folder and then use 7zip again to open the NH3ProductSettings.cab file which was stored in the \Windows\System32\A-volute\AGSConfigurator\ folder and manually extract the contents of THAT CAB file onto the \ProgramData\A-volute\A-volute.Nahimic\ folder, wait for at least 10 seconds for the NahimicSvc32.exe & NahimicSvc64.exe files to load (you need to check if these "service" files are loaded - use Task Manager [taskmgr.exe] and click on the Details tab) and then the Nahimic 3 UWP app will work as expected.

i already did that step, still not working because when i tried to extract, it shown "break operation" etc, please make this step with video in youtube to make it easier