Nahimic3 can't save the settings

Nahimic can't remember the preferred audio mode. If I choose an audio profile (such as Gaming) and restart my laptop, it will always go back to Music profile. And the microphone effects also can't be saved. If I turn on Lateral Sound Cancellation in Chat profile, then switch to Conference profile and turn off Lateral Sound Cancellation, at last switch back to Chat profile, the Lateral Sound Cancellation is still off. I didn't have this problem before version 1.2.6.

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what kind of laptop are you using, Kazfyx?

perhaps uninstall v1.2.6 of Nahimic 3 and obtain v1.2.4 of Nahimic 3 software from this guy.

although v1.2.6 fixes several old problems and improved/added compatibility with certain devices, it created a different set of problems, such as not working with Spotify and MPC-HC program:


My laptop is MSI GL63 8RE.  I installed v1.2.4 and the problem remained. Further more, Nanimic lost all its effects. I think there is something wrong with my system.