Nahimic 2+ doesn't work anymore

I have Realtek and nahimic 2.5.31. Tried doin clean fresh instal. First audio drivers then nahimic and it still doesn't work. The app loads and everything, but the changes you make doesnt take effect at all. Problems started from today not to mention all the firefox crap. Im really dissapointed in nahimic, you making me not to purchase any of your products anymore and forget bout msi. I don't really know if it's the way to cut off old motherboards so people would go to from 7th gen cpus to 8th or what. Oh man you makin me mad :)

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i used to be able to open nahimic and now i have the same realtek and have not been able to open nahimic for awhile now. it says my driver isnt up to date or my system is not compatible all of a sudden... lol

Yeah thats an driver problem update or look at msi when you have an msi notebook and look at there driver do not upgrade the driver when msi dont upgrade it

Wich system you have

Sry for my bad english

Try any of the newer FF03 Realtek HDA drivers from this github page (has at least

It looks like MSI is not updating the Realtek HDA (nonUAD) driver for Nahimic 2+ for a few months already.

thx for the answer but it didnt work when i install it and start nahimic comes a error

Nahimic 2 Audio DriverError on Audio Driver Check, pleas verify version of audio driver

i have now installed version my notebook is msi ge72 apache pro

Please Nahimic make for us users from the 2+ version working again i have the same problem.


Have the same problem with Nahimic 2+. Tried almost everything. But still i'm in love with Nahimic and will be waiting for a solution! If u have bad news and dont wanna publish it you can write it directly to my mail, just let me know. Thanks