Copy and Paste not working

I have been noticing that whenever I attempt to copy and paste, "C:\Users\Robbie\AppData\Local\Temp\PRODUCT_NAME_UNKNOWN_CrashDumpPRODUCT_VERSION_MAJOR_UNKNOWN-PRODUCT_VERSION_MINOR_UNKNOWN-2018-11-11--07-52-45_.dmp" shows up. After going to this file location and reading the file, it would appear that "NahimicSvc32" is the issue. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling my realtek audio drivers that "NahimicSvc32" came in but nothing is seeming to work.

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My Sonic Studio software auto updated tonight via the Windows App Store.

On a restart I immediately got ONE crash dump file in my temp folder.


I set fast startup back on and, so far, crash dump files have stopped appearing in my temp folder and copy and paste is working!

It is worth pointing out that I have never been able to have fast startup enabled without getting the problem so this is a very hopeful sign!


Has anyone tried DDU? I posted the fix I did as a comment. I have a z370e mobo if that helps. The nahimic 32 and 64 were popping up on task manager and taking alot of cpu performance space, even for an i7 8700k. Hope this helps someone.

I have not used DDU to do it.  How long has this been working for you?  It worked for me manually for about 5 days and then came back. 

Its still working. I posted immediately after I got it to work so its been working for 9 days now. Try it and see what happens. I was weary of ddu before but it appears to work. I use it for nvidia updates now too because their latest update put my computer out of commission for two whole days while I fixed it. Never doing that again. Good thing nahimic actually seems to care. Nvidia rep said I mustve done something then told me it just happens. Anyway, try it and see how it works. If not, nahimic will settle it somehow. With that attitude, its only a matter of time before they figure it out.

Before I found out about having this issue I actually almost used DDU for Nvidia also few weeks ago.  I Just got a 2080ti and read about people having BSOD's and issues with latest Nvidia drivers on certain games(Ark being one I love).  Thankfully to this day I haven't had any issues so didn't have to,  but I will be trying it for this issue.  Appreciate all the info Thanks!!

Just did this and will report back in a few days or sooner if the issue returns. ^_^

I've documented a few workarounds on Tom's hardware but basically your problem doesn't seem to be the "copy and paste" one?

However, If it is, then does Sonic Studio still work for you? Most people I've had contact with about the copy and paste problem have fixed the problem by either removing or disabling the Nahimic service (which breaks Sonic Studio - or the MSI equivalent) or by disabling Windows Fast Start-up which works MOST of the time (but not 100% of the time). In addition, for obvious reasons, boot times and shutdown times are increased.

I've also written a small VB script (which is on the Tom's thread) which also assists with the problem by alerting you to it when it is happening.


Some people seem to be able to temporarily fix the problem by re-installing drivers. This has not been the case on either of my systems. The problem happens immediately after a normal (fast) Windows shutdown and then boot. A restart will usually fix the problem until the next shutdown.

I tried DDU. As "DrangonRR" commented, in my case, re-installing drivers seems to be able to fix the problems(both nahimic 32 and 64 popping up on task manager & copy and paste) at least temporarily. But it reoccurs at some point. Especially, the former problem can be very annoying if you play pvp- games; Games freeze about or less than 1 second frequently and randomly, even if your FPS counter doesn't drop at the moment. It's devastating on games like R6S or CSGO. I ended nahimic 32 and 64 in the background processes and it fixed the random freezing. But I have a strong feeling like overall sounds had been much better before I ended nahimic things in task manager. I'm using the latest version of WINDOW10 and Realtek Audio Driver(V6.0.1.8496_1114) for my mainboard(ASUS Z390-F Gaming). Hope nahimic release a new driver dealing with these problems soon.

Welp, that was short-lived. It started doing this again. I've also noticed that opening programs like Chrome shortly after start-up are taking longer. This wasn't the case before this issue started happening. I see that the Nahimic services (32 specifically) are constantly hitting the CPU. 

Nahimic Folks: When is a patch/new driver expected?


Man this is frustrating,  can't wait for a fix!   Re-installed my Realtek drivers and fixed for about 5 days then came back.  

Did you use DDU to uninstall rwaltek drivers and then reinstall them? It worked for me.

Should I uninstall SOUNDBLASTER (WIP), too? DDU shows 2 options(REALTEK, SOUNDBLASTER) in the audio category.


We are aware of this problem and we are working on it 

We will communicate on this problem when we have understood the problem. 

Best regards, 


The sooner Nahimic Support finds the solution the better as lots of us users are encountering this issue due to their software ...

This is really bad as we cannot copy paste anything ...

Awesome. This has been profoundly annoying for the past week or two. Looking forward to a fix!

So, how's this coming along? Should I just uninstall these drivers until you sort your issues out? I have a soundcard in there anyway.

Timothy: See my post at the top but basically my system Auto updated with new Sonic Studio software yesterday and the problem seems to have been fixed.

To give more confirmation Timothy,  the update thus far has seem to fix mine also

Same. Mine appears to be fine now. Hope it sticks!

I've been in touch with Asus about this problem for the last couple of weeks but they seem to be unable to replicate the problem. I have the problem on two systems myself which only have one common component - the Nahimic software. The don't even have the same chipsets (z370 & z390).

FYI - Disabling fast startup does work but occaisionally and seemingly for no reason the problem will still come back. Another restart or shutdown will fix it at least temporarily.

It would be great to hear something from Nahimic themselves about this problem - even if it was just to say they are working on it.

So, I reinstalled realtek drivers, restarted my computer, and then used ddu to uninstall realtek drivers. Now it works because I hadnt fully removed the program. Nahimic may still be in the background but it wont take nearly as much cpu power constantly trying to start up or verify something.

There are quite a lot of users with this problem. Most if not all are connected to the Nahimic service and on many systems (if not all) the problem seems to be caused by the standard Windows hybrid shutdown. A workaround for this on a couple of systems I have here is to disable fast startup in Windows. Another option is to disable the Nahimic service (in services) A proper fix is needed!


I am having the same problem! However, I did not know that this program was also causing it. I have not found a solution unfortunately but I am waiting for one. I will update you if I find it.