No microphone inputs working

I have an MSI laptop with Nahimic 2+ installed. When I open the Nahimic control panel's mic tab, I see this:

When I click any option, this dialog shows up:

And when I confirm it, the tab doesn't change.
Apps can't use the mic at all, and when I use audacity, I get the "Error opening sound device" error.

Notes: When I use the loopback function in Windows to listen to the mic, I can hear it just fine.
This affects all microphones connected to my laptop, even those not supported by Nahimic (The mic in my USB headset doesn't work either, but I can listen to it in Windows Audio control panel)
I'm running Windows 10 Pro
I already reinstalled both Nahimic and the Realtek drivers to no avail. Currently, both the Nahimic software and Realtek drivers are the ones downloaded from the MSI's download page for this laptop.