Nahimic statement to upgradeabillity to Nahimic 3


Really? As it was mentioned by me: it is possible to get UAD drivers running on those systems if I disable signed drivers (to get my modified version running) and just adding the proper device id in the installer of the driver and your addons. Funny or not, that's what Rivet (aka. Killer Networking) is doing. They updated their driver and software to comply to UWP and still their software and my system is running fine. I tested around with your driver and funny or not UAD/UWP is not the issue. Just your time management and (as it seems) your moral. It has nothing to do with "guidelines" from Windows or any incompatibillity.


Please check them out and ask what magic they used to made it such that "the update from one to another may cause critical conflicts, instabilities and unsuspected behaviors - Nahimic statement quote" doesn't affect them, but they are still within the "Microsoft guidelines".

But like always thanks for nothing.

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I think you are kinda right about nahimic.

Anyway, if you wanna get your UAD drivers AND the windows store app (realtek audio console and nahimic 3), you can try what I wrote here:


And if you can't install it that way, try the method explained here, it will work 100%:


I tried many driver version, 8495 was the one working with audio console + nahimic 3 for me. (for exemple 8480 i couldn't get audio console).

If you wanna try drivers, you have to take "UAD MSI Nahimic" drivers.

Good luck guys.

PS: Btw, i reverted back to HDA drivers, nahimic sound is always unreal and crappy :p

Merci pour les astuces Petitgnoll6, je pense que tu es Français donc je switche. Pour ma part ce n'est pas les drivers audios UAD qui posent problème mais le fait que Nahimic 3 me dit qu'il n'est pas compatible avec mon pilote. J'ai mis les derniers de MSI (8513), dedans il y a bien le dossier "OEM INF Extension - MSI - Legacy models". Ma carte date de 2016 (MSI Gaming M7 Z170a). J'ai besoin d'aide, merci :)

I'm not saying  that there is no driver installed but the critical parts for nahimic to work won't be installed.

Other thing is that nahimic has calibration files shipping with the driver/ program which are pretty device specific but I used one similar to mine to add though the app thinks it got calibrated.

There are many things flawed with the statement and nahimics work but hey who is concerned of a nobody with no programming expertise and little to no company management skill.

Surely their PR departement should know better to avoid any scandal and misinformation as this could easily deform their name and reputation. I think this statement was published by an intern and he failed miserably.

The same here, with the Z170 Gaming M7 and with signed UAD drivers from MSI (, the audio is working without problem. The app from Windows Store does not voluntarily accept this model. This is just a marketing planned obsolescence BS to buy another motherboard. Come on Nahimic don't do that ! :/

Attention there. You can run the driver update, sure, but the driver is not fully installed as there are certain addons and files which check for device-id and if yours is not in the list they just won't install.

The version given by the Nahimic team doesn't work of course but the MSI website version works without disabling the drivers signature. I'm sure of it. Try it if you have an MSI motherboard ;)

UPDATE: How i can check that for the addons? Thanks

UPDATE2: I posted you the files installed in system32, can you double check with yours?

So true.  Nahimic's statement is utter BS.