Incredible CPU usage causing game stutter

Recently i have been experiencing horrible stuttering when i play League of Legends. When i check, i found NahimicSvc32 (32 bit) was taking more than 80% CPU usage. i have tried uninstalled Nahimic and Realtek Audio Driver, then installed the latest version of both. Doesn't work. But it is totally fine when i play CSGO. 

Funny thing is, when i uninstall Nahimic, playing League of Legends is fine, but the sound is bad. It actually gets sharp when i play CSGO. But when i install it back, CSGO works fine but League of Legends just stutter worse and worse. Seems like there's no chance that i can play both games.

It is really annoying and i hope someone can share a useful solution! 

My device is GE63 Raidar RGB 8RF.

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  • Hi friend   . I recently  use my pc with asus rog strix x370 and  gpu msi gtx. So i think nahimic came with msi. Whatever playinng LOL is when appears some proceses by nahimic that cause 100% cpu usage and crash the game... I first in device  administrator disable driver related with nahimic  but it still running , then in services i disable nahimic service then restart and the problem solve, no more nahimic proceses and the audio is totally normal. Just appear nahimicmonitor64 but that no cause me problems. I dint uninstall anything , just disable.