nahimic2svc32.exe cpu usage in games

Laptop - MSI ge73 raider rgb 8rf

Big problems with nahimic in some games

League of legends - 30% cpu usage at start to 80% at the end that makes game unplayable. 

I removed nahimic and now everything is fine + other games perfomance increased too(+15FPS in witcher3) 

I tried to install another version, but only version working with my laptop is version from microsoft store and it has same problems.

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  • Hi friend   . I recently  use my pc with asus rog strix x370 and  gpu msi gtx. So i think nahimic came with msi. Whatever playinng LOL is when appears some proceses by nahimic that cause 100% cpu usage and crash the game... I first in device  administrator disable driver related with nahimic  but it still running , then in services i disable nahimic service then restart and the problem solve, no more nahimic proceses and the audio is totally normal. Just appear nahimicmonitor64 in proceses but that no cause me problems. I didnt uninstall anything , just disable.. 

I get this also, common i have no idea how to uninstall this. Whats a useless program

I had the same issue and had to uninstall Nahimic. The CPU usage doesn't hit 100% anymore after getting rid of it, but unfortunately, I tried playing a game of League, and it still stopped responding in the middle of the game.

Try run ccleaner and reinstall realtek drivers from realtek website, this solved all problems for me.

Buy the way, some league players reporting about fps drops after last patch, maybe its league problem.