NahimicSvc32 100% cpu usage

MSI GP63 laptop

I play League of Legends for a weeks and its ok, but then yesterday it starts to lag and i check the CPU usage runs 100%. I found out it is NahimicSvc32 that cause the problem, so i try to uninstall Nahimic from my laptop, but the problem still there, NahimicSvc32 keep popping out. How to solve this?  

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  • Hi friend   . I recently  use my pc with asus rog strix x370 and  gpu msi gtx. So i think nahimic came with msi. Whatever playinng LOL is when appears some proceses by nahimic that cause 100% cpu usage and crash the game... I first in device  administrator disable drivers  but it still running , then in services i disable nahimic service and the problem solve, no more nahimic proceses and the audio is totally normal. Just appear nahimicmonitor64 but that no cause me problems

I Have MSI GP63 8RE and I have same problem Nahimic using my all CPU and my all games facing with sudden fps drop and lag !! Please help us to solve this problem...

same, but after uninstall i found that nahimic causes fps drops in other games too

i removed nahimic, run ccleaner, then removed realtek drivers and installed new from realtek website.

Then the problem solved?

Yes, but sound is terrible now(

However now i have +10-15FPS in some games.