Nahimic 2+ users: it will not be possible to update to Nahimic 3

Hello Nahimic 2+ users!

One month ago, we released Nahimic 3 for Intel 8th generation. In parallel, we gave the possibility, as a beta, to update from Nahimic 2+ to Nahimic 3 for Nahimic 2+ systems. In fact, at the very beginning of our development phase, one of our aims was to allow Nahimic 2+ users to be able to update to Nahimic 3 someday.

As you may know, Nahimic 3 is a Windows 10 Application that has been developed based on the new Microsoft architecture called UWP. This calls for “Universal Windows Platform” and concerns all Windows 10 applications that you may find on the Windows Store.

This technology is highly different from Nahimic 2+, which was developed as a WPF software.

After a long talk with Microsoft, it appears that in the end we will not have the opportunity to let Nahimic 2+ users update to Nahimic 3.

In fact, Microsoft made the decision to avoid systems using old platform drivers (called Legacy drivers, used by Nahimic 2+) updating to new UAD drivers (used by Nahimic 3). The reason for this is that it exists many differences between Legacy and UAD drivers, and the update from one to another may cause critical conflicts, instabilities and unsuspected behaviors.

Because of all this, and in order to comply with Microsoft guidelines, we cannot ensure the update from Nahimic 2+ to Nahimic 3.

We will remove all links and tutorials that we used until today for such use. Please be aware that by doing so, we stop supporting this workaround. Also, we will not be able to help if you experience issues because you continue using it.

So if you’re a Nahimic 2+ user and manually updated to Nahimic 3, we highly recommend you to go back to your original audio driver configuration.

Any help you need about that, please follow this tutorial

Best Regards

The Nahimic Team