Sennheiser Game One Headset, recongized as Speakers, no option to set em up as Headphones, unless i plug them in the front.

I have an MSI z370 Gaming Pro Carbon and i've been having various issues with Nahimic + Realtek + this motherboard's sound options.

I have a High End 50 Ohm Impedence Headphone, called Sennheiser Game ONE: 


Bought em about a year ago for 220 €, my mobo i bought it a bout a month ago at 180 €.

MSI have 2 types of drivers on their website.

A 50mb driver (used with Nahimic 3 that is downloaded by the Windows Store)
A 200+mb driver (used with nahimic 2+ that is downloaded from Nahimic)

Regardless of the drivers i install, the Realtek Audio Manager doesn't exist or won't open. I want to have the Realtek Manager, in order to select the impedence of my headphones, because the automatic one sensed by Sound Boost(automatic headphone impedence feuture of the mobo), is really low and the volume is not loud enough.

Regardless of the drivers i install, my headset is recognized as Speakers, as a result the Sound Positioning is horrible in my games and i might as well get 10€ worth of earbuds and call it a day.

Not only that, but in games like PUBG, i will get some ear rape from gunshot/explosion/engine sounds, that are inconsistent with the rest of the game's sounds like foosteps. I could get around that issue by enabling Loudness Equalization through Windows 10's encanchments, but i can't do that, because as soon as i Install Nahimic, the Enhanchments tab disappears.

Only way to get my Headset recognized as Headphones, is if i plug them in the front of my motherboard, but that's when other issues show up. 

First of all sound is still not loud enough in the front panel and second and most importantly, the Microphone is Bugged and people i am talking to on discord, will listen to what i can hear from my Headset, regardless of what volume i am listenting to something, it's as if my output gets mixxed up with the input.

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Hi Michael,

I have the same problem, I just bought a Game One and experienced what you have before. Did you get any solution for this? 
if it is yes, could you please share with me via mail or something else. Here is my email adress below: