Nahimic 2 Audio effects not working


I recently uninstalled Realtek Audio Driver and Nahimic 2.5.17 because when I play Rainbow Six SIege for about 20mins my audio driver crashes and my mic too but in 2-3mins the sounds are back and again after 5-7mins the audio driver crashes. So, I installed the latest Realtek driver with Nahimic 2.5.17 but now I get a different bug where the Nahimic audio effects (Movie, shooter, music etc) do not work and there's no difference in any of the effects when I watch a movie or listen to music. I tried installing the newer versions of Nahimic and still the issue persist. I also checked whether my Enhancements were enable in Sound settings and they were enabled. And also when I play games I have to max the windows sound volume and ingame volume to hear better because with default sound settings with 50% of volume the game sounds can be heard faintly and sometimes very low. Please can someone fixed this immediately? thank you

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I had discord open while watching a YouTube video so I decided I wanted to play League of Legends, so I opened up the League client. Next thing I knew I kept hearing a beeping sound coming from my laptop. My YouTube video crashed so I had to refresh the page. After that I noticed the sound was different and I could not switch between the Audio Effects in Nahimic. I've tried uninstalling Realtek and reinstalling. I did the same with Nahmic 2+. I tried installing older Realtek drivers and older Nahmic 2 versions but nothing has worked. I've given up tbh. And there's no solution online for fixes


Can't believe Nahmic isn't responding. I'm having this trouble as well

Same Prob man i reset my msi gp62 6qf leopard pro and im having thins trouble as well