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Download the Realtek audio driver which will be less than 60mb and the download Nahimic via Microsoft store. WORKED! for me and my friends.

Same problem here, MSI MB X370 gaming pro carbon + UAD realtek drivers + nahimic 3. With win10 1803 all was working great, after windows update to 1809, nahimic 3 effects are not working at all. No errors, simply the audio remains the same with or without nahimic enhancements. And sometime win tells me I have to reboot the computer to finish the audio installation.

WIn 10 1809
MSI Realtek UAD 2018-12-18
Nahimic 3 v1.2.10


Where can I check which motherboard I have? I have msi gp63 leopard 8re.

MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE is a laptop computer, Kris.  no need to check the motherboard.

apparently, MSI did not list the 8549 realtek uad driver for your model on the MSI web site but you should use 8549 instead of 8544 as 8549 is compatible with Win10 v1809.

also update your Nahimic 3 software to either v1.2.4 or v1.2.6.

and as for Windows 10 v1809 update it with KB4467708 to update the 1809 build to 17763.134

The problem is bigger. In windows update there was an information that I can instal 1809 but after instalation I still have 1803...I wrote to microsoft because youtube is not working and I can't watch any movie. I think I'm gonna remowe last update. This is the last time I've bought something from microsoft...

Try to use this tool, from link to download *.iso file. Then open this file just double click on them. If the windows 10 setup starts - good, if not - start it manually. Then choose update current system or something the same and then just wait for the end of this process. After that your system should work fine, good luck with that:)

After update windows 10 64bit 1803  to 1809 version problem appeared again. My present Realtek driver is.

I have installed latest driver(http://download.msi.com/dvr_exe/realtek_nahimic_UAD_audio.zip) and latest version of windows 1809(https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10), Nahimic from MS store(https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9N36PPMP8S23) and Realtek Audio Control(must be installed automatically after the driver installation)(https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9P2B8MCSVPLN). Motherboard is z370 Krait Gaming. Nahimic effects now works well. I don't have any problems with it for a long time.

I have new driver version Nahimic send me an info that there is a problem with audio driver or system compatibility. Can You give me any solutions???


For everyone having this issue RealTek just updated their driver to this will fix the problems. Make sure you uninstall and restart after uninstalling the old version. then download the Nahimic 3 again from the store. and done should be fixed. 

yeah I have the same problem, I even tried using older Realtek Audio drivers and nahimic versions, nothing worked