Nahimic 3: patch notes


1.2.0 (13 August 2018)


- Global performances and stability have been improved

- When needed, because Nahimic is launching and not ready to be used, a loading page now appears to invite you to wait for a few seconds before you can use the software

- A warning message appears in Nahimic if the driver or the system do not support the app

- It's now possible to definitely deactivate Nahimic features on the current default digital devices (and go back to their original configuration): this option is available in the settings page with a "Remove" button


- The default size of the App has been reviewed to avoid any black line at the bottom of the page

- Volume slider and "Try" button work correctly after re-activating a disabled device

- Unplugged devices are not displayed anymore in the popup to re-activate a device - AEC and Beamforming are synchronous with Realtek Audio Console

Fixed issues

- Recordings with output sound correctly - SimCity runs correctly if Nahimic is launched

- Nahimic effects are available on Groove Music and Edge

1.1.10 (21 June 2018)

- Sound Tracker improvement to highly reduce the FPS difference in a game when Nahimic is not installed vs. when Nahimic is installed (Sound Tracker OFF)

1.1.9 (22 May 2018)

- As AEC and Beamforming are available for analog devices only. They will now be disabled in the UI for numeric devices - this has been done to make this feature more understandable

- PCMark 8 benchmarks now run correctly when Nahimic is launched

- Sound Tracker supports new games: Kingdom Come, Metal Gear Survive & Rainbow Six Siege

 1.1.8 (16 May 2018)

- The mute option remains enabled when changing tabs

- Nahimic 3 runs correctly even if all playback devices are disabled

- WIDI and Miracast devices now output sound correctly

- The volume of wireless headphone can be changed

- The right headphone device icon is displayed for digital devices

- Loopback is deactivated when Nahimic is closed

1.1.7 (26 April 2018)

- Microphone effects from Realtek work correctly after installing Nahimic 3

1.1.6 (20 April 2018)

- Anticipated bugfix of a RS4 issue on the UI side

- Nahimic 3 and Dragon Center are now synchroneous when changing profiles or ON/OFF from Dragon Center