Nahimic and Blackboard Collaborate Audio Error


MSI  Z270 Gaming M6 AC Motherboard

Windows 10 (current)

Realtek Audio Driver from MSI (

Nahimic 2+ (v2.5.29)

I use Blackboard Collaborate software for my son's school and every time I have both Realtek and Nahimic drivers installed, I get an error saying that Blackboard can't write to speaker or that there is an Audio Error. If I uninstall Nahimic and just use the Realtek driver, everything works fine. As soon as Nahimic is installed, it will not let Blackboard use the speaker for some reason. Audio works for everything else on my PC with Nahimic or without it installed except for Blackboard. I have searched high and low on Google and Youtube, run every troubleshooting tip Blackboard had and looked at Nahimic troubleshooting as well. I would like to use Nahimic if possible but if this continues I will have to stick to Realtek only. 

Any help would be much appreciated.

Edit: I tried opening Blackboard from Edge, Chrome, Firefox and all 3 run into the same Audio connection error with Nahimic installed.

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Same is the case with me. I am still waiting for anyone from Nahimic  to respond.