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at the moment the download is only available at the microsoft store:

but you need the realtek driver i tested some older drivers and nahimic 3 is not working with this drivers.

There are allthough a realtek audio control app but this app display an error that my GT75VR 7RF is not supported (the sound chip?)

the link to the realtek app in the microsoft store (you need to copy&past this link):

Dear Jean,

Thanks for providing the links, very surprised instead of Nahimic official website Microsoft store handling the Version 3. 

Anyway, I downloaded it but can not be activated probably Realtek driver issue, and I also tried to download the Realtek driver but MS store reporting an error during the download stage so I back to square 1 and install back again the Nahimic 2.5.29 (the latest version on the Nahimic website) 

I think it would be better to wait until the Nahimic website posting the new version, as usual, MS store apps always mess up the system.


Thanks for the information. I think that is better wait for the official vercion (Alpha)


Yes,  I did too, 

Guessing only for the I9 new generation MSI Gaming notebook  but it would be also a simple typo error  (it should be read as Nahimic 3D  probably by missing the " D " ) 

Now i saw the video in the facebook page, the name is ok "Nahimic 3" but is going to be launched Q2. I don't know the exact date of Q2.