I am deaf. Sound tracker helped not anymore??

I find this unfair because now I am at a disadvantage without the ability to track gunshots. I tried playing and I keep dying all the time cos I can' hear where sounds coming from. 

There must be a way to help deaf people. And Bluehole have no rights to take away what helps the deaf players. 

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Also deaf, any updates?

Hey :)

i'm deaf too. any updates in this case? wanted to buy a new motherboard because of the possibility to use sound tracker in pubg when i saw this update :(

Hello guys, 
I totally agree with you. We said the same message than you but they want to "balance" the game for everyone, I know, it unbalance the game for you and i'm sad for that.. 
The only way is to stay on version before 2.5.27 to enjoy it and I hope they will clarify the meaning of "balance"... 
I'll communicate if something is changing guys. 

Agreed, I am also deaf and unable to locate where the sounds are coming from, which puts me and other deaf players at a significant disadvantage. 

Also how is it cheating as by listening a hearing player can locate gunshot directions, are we expected to listen and do the same? In my case due to my deafness this is impossible.

For me the sound tracker levelled the playing field.

Ps referring to sound tracker support removal for PlayerUnknown