Nahimic causes Nvidia GeForce Experience to be unable to record any sound

Follow up to this report: https://nahimic.helprace.com/i354-nahimic-interferes-with-geforce-experience-share-funcionality

Using Nvidia GeForce Experience to record or broadcast gameplay results in no sound whatsoever (output or input) due to Nahimic being installed.

This issue still exists since 2016 and even Nvidia acknowledges it.

Their solution? Uninstall Nahimic: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4029/kw/nahimic

And they are correct, it fixes everything.

So are you folks going to solve this or not? Just give me a straight answer so I can stop trying out new versions of Nahimic in hopes it gets fixed.

Tired of getting angry at this issue over and over again.