nahimic2svc32.exe the exception unknown (0xe06d7363) occured in application at location 0x00000000775F09B2

This is giving me HUGE keyboard lag and it's really annoying me right now. It happens from time to time when I play overwatch. I need a solution for this error.

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Happens to me while playing World of Tanks.  Have to restart each time.  Seems to occur mostly when running Discord in the background but can't confirm if it is only when disc is running

Hi guys, 
Are you on Nahimic 2.5.24? 

I'm playing a lot on Overwatch and I've never encountered that error... 

Well I am on 2.5.24 for Borderlands 2, and I also tried 2.5.17 from MSI, same thing.

Looks like it might come down to the realtek driver version (8199 for me), but then why isn't the MSI version working if there is a mismatch with the Nahimic version, base should be the same?

I'm still on 2.5.17 from msi.  The thing is, there's definitely a nahimic crash... man, what would the sound have to do with keyboard stuff.  Nahimic should be all over this.

I don't understand this ... It's really a big issue that they aren't taking a look / updating their software. 

I am at 2.5.24 and i get major keyboard lag playing dota 2 from time to time and causes me to lose matches :( only fixes once restarted the computer but after some time playing occurs again...

yeah this is killing me.  It hits me twice a week in overwatch and I have to reboot to fix it, and it hits me when I use Microsoft IME in other languages.  Would updating nahimic fix it?  Can I disable nahimic somehow?  It was a couple months ago when I was posting about this now.

I encountered this in two versions (nahimic's own and msi), so I doubt there is any update (at least at this point) that could help us.

Disabling is easy - uninstall. ^^

Yeah you gotta reboot it and it's really frustrating losing games because of this error... I hope we have a solution for this.

something similar happened to me in Borderlands 2 - necessity to reboot every time it happened... around after 2-3h of gaming