Nahimic 2+ services cause performance issues on MSI laptops.

I purchased an MSI GX63VR this past December and I've been grappling with this issue since then. I've gone around in circles with Realtek and MSI, I've factory reset my PC multiple times, installed drivers in the proper order over and over again, even installed a clean version of Windows 10 trying to get this fixed, and I have come to the conclusion that it is your software suite that needs to be fixed. I know others have posted the same issue, and I am here to try to get it resolved once and for all. I just made a post on Reddit presenting my issue (and the issue of everyone else who has an MSI laptop preloaded with Nahimic). 

PLEASE READ THIS POST FOR MY TROUBLESHOOTING AND ANALYSIS / FURTHER INFO: https://www.reddit.com/r/MSILaptops/comments/7uucrb/everything_nahimic_2_possible_fix/

Basically, the issue is the same for me as it is everyone else: Nahimic causes FPS stuttering and drops, as well as ultra high dedicated GPU (and sometimes CPU) usage. I believe ultimately the issue lies in the Sound Tracker function, and the process that uses the GPU is nahimic2svc32. Unfortunately, just turning off the Sound Tracker function does not work properly, as it occasionally re-enables itself, most likely as a result of your software, "automatically updating every time it launches" and "automatically turning on sound tracker for supported games". If you could just give us an option to permanently disable features like Sound Tracker and the HD audio functions, I believe it would solve the issue. And before you ask, here is my system information: 


OS: Windows 10 Creators update (have also tested on Windows 10 clean install, as well as factory laptop image)

Nahimic Version: Latest, 2.5.24 I believe

Realtek Version:, which is the MSI driver located on their product page.

When I completely uninstall and remove Nahimic and use only the Realtek drivers, the issues go away with it. It is your software causing the issue. Please please please fix it, as I love your software and it really makes my system sound better, but it doesn't do me any good if it makes my system run poorly. I look forward to a solution, and if you need any more information please let me know. Thanks!

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Just decided to try this software out and getting extreme FPS loss in PUBG. Hope this gets fixed.

The Tracker needs GPU to works, if you deactivate it and switch off all of your games, your FPS will be the same in ON/OFF.

For the CPU, indeed, take all the sources, process it and send them back take a bit of your CPU but not several percents. And avoid the 192 Khz, it's harder for your sound card for 0 difference. 

Keep me in touch guys.

This is the same reply that you've given other people who experience the same issue, it doesn't do anything for us. We already know that the tracker uses the GPU, but sometimes the ON/OFF button doesn't work, and it still uses the GPU, or we still experience FPS drops. I will try playing with the Khz settings and report back

i have msi ge62 laptop. nahimic makes screen tearing and stuttering in games like dota 2.. unistalled nahmic fixed the problem but sound quality is bad now.my sound tracker was always off.

14-01-2019. Why do you not fix this problem? I even get the Bad_pool_caller notice and the laptop (MSI) freezes.