nahimic2svc32.exe causing major keyboard lag

This took me forever to work out but by process of elimination I've finally found out that nahimic2svc32.exe is the cause.  I will get between 10-20 seconds of delay between pressing a key and the action happening on screen.  This so far has only happened while playing Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) however it persists after exiting the game so no matter what I do until I restart or end the process there's massive lag between pressing a key and the response being registered.

Using the MSI GT73VR 6RE with your latest application and the latest realtek driver.

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Someone suggested that my problem was definitely the nahimic drivers.


You guys said no, that it was because I force quit overwatch, but then I said that no, that wasn't always the case.  Sometimes I can just exit it and still get the nahimic driver crash on reboot.

But now I realize that Microsoft IME sometimes hangs really badly... and that's a key thing too...

Win 10 pro 64 bit
Nahimic 2 - 2.5.24
Realtek - R2.82
No reshade
so far only happens when using PUBG however 95% of time I'm playing is this.

The problem is interesting, I'll need more information: 
- Current OS
- Realtek and Nahimic version
- Reshade or no?
- only on PUBG? 

MSI GT72VR 6RE same here.