Nahimic 2 doesnt work

Greetings, I just realized, that your requests will never work and it will be faster to contact you like this. My Nahimic 2 doesn't work. It isn't changing a sound and I can see a volume slider a showing, that sound is working. First time I just used return point for windows and it fixed a problem, but now I am not able to do it because of windows. Also, I reinstalled an audio driver and Nahimic, nothing changed. 

Forgot to say, after an update I have a Realtek launcher. Before that, I haven't seen it. I have a MSI GP 72 6qf

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I recommend you to download the latest version of Realtek and Nahimic: https://nahimic.helprace.com/i372-nahimic-2-5-24-is-available

Keep me in touch! 


As I said, I tried to update the Realtek and Nahimic more than 5 times. I did it again and it didn't fix a problem, the sound still without equalizer effects. 

 I will repeat my question, Is it okay, that before Realtek update I had the only Nahimic launcher, but now, I also have a Realtek launcher and Nahimic at the same time? 

Also, I used a return point to fix this, and it helped( Now I cannot do it), but after some time this problem happened again without any update in sound systems. 

I was waiting for real help, now I am done with that. I tried to find a way, how to fix it, tried to downgrade Nahimic and Realtek with MSI versions, but I got nothing.

I am tired of waiting for a help. If you don't know how to fix it, please, just write it and I will delete your software and I will never use it again.

If you don't know how to fix this issue, just close this problem.

listen carefully, go to 1. device manager> sounds> uninstall+delete driver data 2. uninstall nahimic from control panel if any otherwise go to apps & features (settings menu) then uninstall nahimic from there. 

3. download audio driver from msi driver  and install it > restart

4. download nahimc from windows store

and done . 

worked for me so try these steps