nahimic kill my fps and get stutters in overwatch/pubg

I all time update my drivers and bios to last versions, but nahimic every time kill my fps like 30-50% and get stutters.

I have msi z170a gaming m7 and 6700k 1 year and nahimic still have garbage quality.

I all time need close nahimic for remove fps drops and stutters.


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Sorry for the delay, 
I agree with John, you can deactivate the sound tracker who needs your GPU to run but if there is no tracker, we are not affecting your FPS. The sound tracker is here to help people to understand the audio engine or to give the audio information for people with a ear problem. 
Try 2.5.24: https://nahimic.helprace.com/i372-nahimic-2-5-24-is-available

Even installing on clean windows does not help.

During the year I tried different ways to deal with this, but I came to the conclusion that nahimic the quality of the garbage heap.

You should try uninstalling the drivers then run a cleaner like Ccleaner after a reboot. Once cleaned reboot and check you device manager and make sure you sound is completely uninstall. Once confirmed then reinstall but you need to make sure you install your Realtek 8318 drivers first then Nahimic 2 drivers. I can assure you I have tried all other sound cards and Nahimic 2 is by far the best surround sound out there. I have noticed when sound tracker is enabled sometimes it lags computer and I think that is because it is an overlay on the game and has to listen to the sound waves of game and if the game isn't completely compatible then you can run into issues. Also you have to watch because some game companies can consider it as a cheat this is why I don't use. I have Nahimic 2 active and run 144 fps almost constant in 95% of games like Pubg, Fortnite and so on