Audio Service Is Not Running

Hi, i just got a new MSI GV62 7RD with Nahimic 2+ installed. I have been using it for a week with a great experience, but yesterday i turned in my computer, and there is an X over my audio icon. When i hover my mouse over it it says: "Audio services are not running." I have already checked, that my 'Windows Audio' Was running but it didn't work. I tried to stop Windows Audio Service but i can't seem to start it again. I also tried to uninstall my drivers to Nahimic, but when i try to install the drivers again, it says my computer is not compatible with this driver. I do not know what to do since i need my computer in about 2 days. I hope you can help with this problem.

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Can you install this Realtek driver and install Nahimic after? 


Keep me in touch :)