MSI Gaming Plus Z370 support for Nahimic?


I understand all Gaming MSI series, especially the new motherboards, should have Nahimic support. This one seemingly is unsupported, which leaves me with nothing but the barebones Realtek driver, no longer offering a UI or any control outside of Windows stuff.

Help, please.

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3 Months+ later... obviously it's no longer relevant.

However, this is nothing else but your typical inflated false advertising. I actually provided tweets and the advertising to MSI which clearly said that the Z370 Gaming Series from MSI support Nahimic.

But who cares. Just look on that right bar for the website, how many people with "device not supported"?

Yeah. Typical.

Indeed, the Nahimic folks are either mum or silent about not supporting all Z370 gaming boards and only most of them.

But it's also MSI's fault for not implementing Nahimic only on the Z370 Gaming Plus board and only the Z370 Gaming M5, Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon & Pro Carbon AC boards have Nahimic support implemented in them.  you could "vent" about the Z370 gaming plus board not having Nahimic on it here:


But then again, some people actually want to get rid of Nahimic from their MSI board or MSI laptop as mentioned here since the Realtek audio driver sometimes works better without the Nahimic software:


Nahimic is buggy atm and not worth the pursuit. Other programs and even the Realtek HD Audio Manager gives plenty enough options without the errors that nahimic has. Sure Nahimic prides themself with additional features and such but if the main task of audiodelivery fails and as such that you cannot stream/record game audio and loose game performance, youd better stay without.

not all "gaming" series MSI boards have Nahimic support, Muad Dib.

Gaming M5 Z370 board, on the other hand, does support Nahimic; just not Z370 Gaming Plus.

write to MSI about this:


When I bought the board 3 months ago I got it to run a 8700K on the cheap. Nahimic was not even part of the considerations. So I don't even care it's not on the board.

However, what pissed me off was the false advertising. Let's be clear, it's not a 100% fake case. It's like:

"Our Coffee Lake processors sport 6 cores and 12 threads!"

Is this advertising statement correct? One can say so, at least partially so. There are 2 Coffee Lake CPUs with 6/12, but rest are 6/6 and below. So it's pretty much an attempt at misleading through being ambiguous.


That's MSI advertising. Nahimic has similar ambiguous statements. This type of shady advertising results in the multitude of "Why does my board not support Nahimic?" topics you see here.

Complaining to MSI would do nothing. The only entity that can do anything in such issues is some sort of watchdog organization that can issue a big, appropriate fine, as money is all that these corporations care about (not customers, as naive people would think).

So that would be it. Life moves on, the Realtek chip does just fine, I never saw Nahimic in action so it would have been a nice toy to play with for 1 hour.

Would I have paid more for a board with Nahimic if I knew this one does not support it from the start?

HELL NO. Money is better spent towards better motherboard, with nicer VRM, or a better GPU, larger SSD. Stock Realtek sound is just fine.