Nahimic 2+ is still causing FPS drops in some games (like Rise of the Tomb Raider)

Hi, I can confirm a significant FPS drop ( ~ -7 FPS on avg, from 88s to 81s @ i7-6700, MSI Z170A Gaming M7, 32GB DDR4-2133, GTX 1070 G1 Gaming, DX11 game API, GFE optimal in-game settings) in Rise of the Tomb Raider when Nahimic 2+ Audio Driver v2.5.23 is active (background process).

Other titles showed a less important difference of around 1 FPS but still a performance difference when Nahimic 2+ is working.

Closing the app, ending its background process or uninstalling Nahimic 2+ fixed the issue at all.

Please, until now I had been using the Nahimic 2+ Audio Driver + latest Realtek HD Audio Driver provided by MSI, but after checking this loss of graphics performance in games I decided not to install Nahimic 2+, using only the Realtek HD audio driver . I would like to be able to use it again and recommend it, so I would appreciate it if you analyze the problem to give a solution in a next version.

Thanks in advance and forwarding a reply on this.

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Games are affected even when the app is closed. (but still resident to systray)

hello all i have the same issue

my rig is :

-msi krait z270

-headsets razer tiamat 7.1

-GTX 1080 ti zotac extrem amp edition

-windows 10 pro 1709 edition

-ddr5 3000 MHz 16gb g-skills ram

when i install my sound driver (realtek hd audio driver last version) and the nahimic 2 latest version all my games got fps drops and lag spikes (PUBG, CS go, battlefield 4). during the gameplay i have to close nahimic 2 from running in background to get my games works fine but the sound is so annoying.

i tried to install the previous versions of realtek and nahimic but got the same results. So many lag and fps drops.

Please help

thank you in advance

Where is the Nahimic support on this? Stil waiting... Please a support agent reply is required. Regards


Having the Nahimic audio program running (in the background, minimized in the tray) caused my Witcher 3 to stutter/drop frames every 5-10 seconds (made it unplayable for me). uninstalling nahimic completely solved the issue. 

ryzen 1700 @ 3.7ghz (1.275v)

gtx 1070

msi x370 gaming pro carbon 

16gb ddr4 


Hello Rodrigo, 
The interface was open during the test? the interface is graphical so yes, we can take few FPS like the other software (Battle.net, Discord,...)

I'm waiting your reply :) 

Hi, the interface was closed during the test. The app (only taskbar tray icon is shown) and its background process was working.


on my system your software was using an average of 200-400% the resources discord or battle.net was using at any given time... (MOSTLY CPU)

We are still waiting your reply and your support on this evident and easily reproductible performance issue. Please, we would appreciate it.

Kind regards.

Please, I would like a reply from a support agent.

Kind regards,