Rant about Problems and work of Nahimic.

I gave every possible solution a shot but still Nahimic isn't something that I would recommend even to my most hated individuals.

Software feels unresponsive and loading times/opening it up is a nightmare. The Nahimic Enhancements cuts out on Firefox HTML5 content even after months of "working together with Firefox to fix it ASAP". The problem with sound forces me to choose/use another browser for HTML5 content (Youtube in my case) which is nothing to be taken lightly.

Latest version synchronises MSI version with the original (why where these separated at all).

Nahimic crashes several audio/-visual softwares (as it seems to me) running the audiostreams exclusively without sharing.

Visualizer on the Keyboard, monitor, mouse (wherever you want such thing) Is not possible while using the Nahimic controlled output.

And not to forget several user reporting a clear FPS drop and instability while having NahimicUI running in the background.

It would be advisable, you, creators of nahimic, gather yourself together and start from the base. Make Nahimic at least working flawlessly in the "simple" task of audio enhancement. That's what Realtek HD Audio Software was for and "because of you"/"replaced by you" it isn't usable anymore. So if you wanna replace something make it better or at least the same before adding (maybe useful to a minority) useless stuff like audio tracker and such. It adds more workload and errors to an (still to this day) flawed user experience.

This software reminds me somehow of a shop near my place. They started out being a cheaper version of KFC but it still didn't work out. They've added pizza and Turkish specialities to the menu, offering more and more content, opening longer, delivery service but they failed anyway because the forgot one simple thing. How good is it to have extra content and more features if you couldn't handle the way you were supposed to be. Adding more "garbage" to the existing pile of "garbage" doesn't make it better and not to mention easier. (this shop closed and was bought to make a Thai-food restaurant which only does that and still runs fine to this day)

Please get yourself together making the Main-Task a flawless experience after that you can add whatever you want. People don't need to use extra features if it doesn't work properly but we are forced to live with your flawed Audio Enhancement.

Thanks for reading this and your time/effort you already put to this software and its users.

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There is a difference in having a support and actually needing one. Sure your software has a lot of features but is far less superior in the Maintask of Audio delivery...

I currently googled my way around of getting rid entirely off Nahimic. As in it's currrent form it's not usable or even presentable as working "upper layer". I don't need the extra features. I only want a working equalizer and such things Realtek HD Audio Manager happily provided (without cutting out; tin-can sound; overdriven Subwoofer; FPS-loss; exclusive Audiostreams)

I provided more detailed error-reports with this profile so check them out (don't want to repeat myself over and over again)

Hello NoobAndProud, 

Thank you for sharing your experience with Nahimic. 

We are working a lot to be the best audio software, and, I'm here to help you :) 

I'll need more information about your Nahimic version, your compatibility issues with other softwares.
Realtek know how to use their software because they create the audio chipset. We are a upper layer, we make enhancements, 3D sound, Tracker,... they don't. Maybe you can see that as pepperoni or pineapple (good people never adds pineapple on their pizza!!)  but we do lot of things for the audio. We have a support, Realtek doesn't have support. We are proud to try new features than just stay on what we created. 

I'll be here to submit all your issues with my dev team to fix your problems. 

Best regards and enjoy your meal in the Thai restaurant :)