My Msi realtek audio manager wont open, with driver Realtek driver 8269 and Nahimic 2.5.23, why?

after i did the update of driver and nahimic my Msi realtek audio manager dissapeared, pls Help me

Update: I discover the error 

realte crash because of this file NahimicAPONSControl.dll 

I deleted it and now msi realtek audio manager work and also nahimic.

But what is this file?

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This problem has made me crazy, I did everything. Installed new drivers, modded drivers, old drivers, even thought about just putting a whole new system files and new windows copy or something. Never thought of deleting this damned dll file.

I thought my MOBO was faulty. Thank you my friend for this help. Audio manager and everything else is working perfectly after deleting:


what version of Windows are you using, Carmelo?

don't use msi live update to update the driver.  uninstall the previous realtek driver (8269) first, reboot then install new driver (8279) and reboot again for the new driver to take effect.  I never install new audio driver on top of the old one.

are you using a supported MSI motherboard or laptop?

MSI updated their Realtek audio driver to v8279 on Nov. 16 for certain MSI motherboards.  Get it from here:


I'm using Msi Motherboard h170 gaming m3, i updated realtek audio driver to v8279 with Msi live update 6 but nothing change.