Where's the speaker fill option?

I have a 5.1 setup, but when I play music or video, only the front speakers have audio. When I test the audio, all speakers play the test sound. Is there any way to duplicate the front audio to the rear, center & sub channels? This used to work with the speaker fill option in previous Nahimic versions.

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Hey im literally trying to figure out the same thing.... Just got this new mobo godlike gaming carbon x99a and there is no speaker fill option at all. Plus the realtek enhancements wont work like room and stuff. On my old mobo I had to use room combined with speaker fill to get all speakers playing stereo audiol. If you uninstall all drivers and use generic windows 10 audio drivers you actually get the speaker fill option back but you dont have realtek control panel so you cant set room..... like what is going on this is totally screwed and im wasting my friggen time trying to get this crap to work! Nahimic get your software strait and add the functionality of the realtek device. Do not just disable everything the realtek device can do to force us to use your software. like wow should have never bought msi. First time msi and will be the last time.