Device Not Supported - Nahimic Chip Onboard

Hi, I purchased an MSI Carbon Pro X370 motherboard very recently and am currently fine tuning everything. I have attempted to install Nahimic with no luck, despite trying both the most recent suggested Realtek drivers & Nahimic installer from this website & the most recent Realtek driver from the MSI support page for this motherboard. I am 100% certain this motherboard is supported as I can see the chip on the motherboard & Nahimic is listed as being supported on the motherboard overview page. Why am I having this issue and is there any solution?

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it could be the nahimic software is not properly detecting your audio chip on your MSI carbon pro x370 motherboard.  delete any folders and some registry entries relating to nahimic and install the latest realtek audio drivers first, reboot and then install the nahimic software.

use the procedure here on how to install realtek & nahmic:


also what version of windows are you using?  (if it's windows 10, what build [like 1709, 1703, etc.], also when using any build of Win10 use the procedures from the following sites to disable automatic driver updates, so that win10 does not silently install new realtek audio drivers without any user input)