Unwanted executable for A-Volute_3D_Sound_Experts in ASUS Strix

I have an ASUS Strix laptop. Since the last friday, each time I boot it, the first thing Windows does when I start a session is ask for admin privileges to run "A-Volute_3D_Sound_Experts" located at C:\Program Files\ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC\SS2\UserInterface\SS2UILauncher.exe, apparently from a verified publisher.

This is not a software I've downloaded or anything. So I press "No". Immediatly after that it shows another dialog requesting admin privileges to run "C:\Program Files\ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC\SS2\UserInterface\x64\SS2Svc64.exe", from an unknown publisher. I hit "No" again, and this last dialog appears 4 more times (5 in total).

I've called ASUS guys and they say they have no idea how this files got into my laptop. I've also tried removing the C:\Program Files\ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC\SS2\UserInterface\ folder with no success.

So, the question is: is this a driver for something in my laptop? How did this got into my files? How do I remove it or avoid it to try to run on every boot?

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Hi! I'm not fluent in english so sorry in advanced.

I have the same issue for past two weeks and it was driving me crazy. Today I found the solution for this stops to happend, at least for me.

You need to go to your task scheduler (in windows 10: windows key+r and run taskschd.msc). In Task Scheduler Library find your program name and look if is "disabled" or "not ready". If is disabled or not ready, just make it enabled again.

Thats how I fixed mine. Why this happend? I don't know. Maybe was for uninstall some programs or for the last windows 10 updated.

I hope this work for you.

bro you're a legend. it worked ,thanks a lot.

It worked! THANK YOU!!!

This also worked for me. I saw 5 entries for Nahimic software, all Disabled. I only enabled the Nahimic2UI entry.


What program should I enable? It would be great if you could get back to me as soon as possible!

same!!! can't find anything on this problem in the internet except this

Same here since Windows Creators Update. :( Asus ROG G752VY


It would be nice to get some word on this issue from Nahimic. I think you're right that something changed in Win 10 updates...


I've tried an older version but the problem still exist , i'm beginning to think it's a windows update issue ...

I also have this same issue. It started about 2-3 week ago on my new MSI GT73EVR 7RE TITAN.

Its driving me crazy trying to fix this.

Whats up here,  Nahimic??


same here! :(